“Inclusive Health Multipliers” – Community and Education

Begin: 11:45-13:00 CET

Inclusive Health Multipliers – an Example for Collaborative Learning Arrangements

Dr. Daniela Schwarz & M. Med. Sc. Elke Langbein // Technische Universität München

Organised as monthly 1-hour-webinars, the ultimate goal of the seminar series “Community and Education in Action” is to assemble like-minded intellectuals and professionals from our community to trade ideas, thoughts, and views related to a specific EIT-Health topic especially focused in the Education Pillar.

About this seminar

This seminar will focus on the EIT Health Summer School InPhysEd (Inclusive Physical Education: Making physical activity inclusive and open for all) as an example of an innovative learning format.

InPhysEd is designed for trainee teachers, sports & health science students including and supported by people with intellectual disabilities (ID). The programme empowers participants through co-learning, co-designing, and challenging-orientated problem-solving in collaborative learning arrangements, and lets them develop and pitch solutions to complex questions of inclusion within physical and health education.

The seminar will highlight some results, including:

  • What challenges inclusion must overcome in different historical, social, and cultural areas
  • How these change the health and education experience of people with ID
  • How collaborative idea generation helps to develop the design of a targeted approach to inclusive physical education
  • entrepreneurial approaches to idea generation and problem-solving

The following step is to develop this inclusive health orientated approach further: increasing health awareness and active behaviour through multipliers that serve as health leaders and role models. The educational programme targets health workforces, prospective and current health educators, medical professionals, students with a health science background people with special needs, and especially with ID in the broad context of mega sports events like the Special Olympics.

InPhysEd lets people with special needs develop their health and multiplier skills with the aim to develop advanced ideas on how to tackle health issues facing people with special needs all over the world.

Concept Health Multiplier Training: People with and without special needs are trained together in inclusive settings including a first outreach activity during a sport event for their future role as health multipliers.


Our speakers: Dr. Daniela Schwarz & M. Med. Sc. Elke Langbein

Dr. Daniela Schwarz & M. Med. Sc. Elke Langbein, Team ELDA has a strong focus on professional education, vast experience in social inclusion through sport and health, and successful expertise in leading international projects, e.g. EIT Health Summer School InPhysEd Inclusive Physical Education: Making social inclusion and physical activity inclusive and open for all. For their innovative inclusive teaching seminar, they have been awarded several prices and public recognition. The voluntary role as Clinical & Regional Directors of Strong Minds a Health program of Special Olympics (SO) supports the connection to external international and national cooperation partners in the fields of sport and governmental stakeholders. Blending learning formats, collaborative settings in universal design bringing different disciplines and stakeholders together are their strengths. Team ELDA is located at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in the Department of Sport and Health Sciences which offers a broad, interdisciplinary scientific portfolio on numerous topics in sport and the health sciences.