“Multidisciplinary Education and Self-management Counseling: Health in the XXI century” – Community and Education

Begin: 11:45-13:00 CET

Multidisciplinary Education and Self-management Counseling: Health in the XXI century

Prof. Dr. M. Cristina Polidori // University Hospital of Cologne

Organised as monthly 1-hour-webinars, the ultimate goal of the seminar series “Community and Education in Action” is to assemble like-minded intellectuals and professionals from our community to trade ideas, thoughts, and views related to a specific EIT-Health topic especially focused in the Education Pillar.



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After the series, an e-booklet will be published with the summaries and information of the speakers. Participants can receive a recording of their session after the Video and will have the opportunity to provide their feedback.


About this seminar:

The concept of functional ability represents all the health-related attributes that enable people to be and to do what they value. It is determined by the environment as well as by the intrinsic capacity, a term that was recently defined by the WHO to evaluate the health of older people by focusing on their physical and mental capacities that enable wellbeing. The maintenance of intrinsic capacity is recognized as the central concept of a unique demographic change in which the world population faces two key challenges: steadily increasing life expectancy and overweight. These challenges are the predominant source of disease risk, with most chronic disorders worldwide being associated with lifestyle-related chronic conditions – cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, dementia, cancer, osteoporosis among others. Even the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic showed to hit this population substantially different than the ones affected by other pandemics of the past: highest mortality rates of COVID-19 concern aged and obese persons. Considering this evidence, education in its fundamental meaning is key to effective solidarity, intended as the Latin solidum, “whole sum”.

This seminar takes a close look at the challenges, healthcare worldwide faces in the 21st century. It explains the crucial role that education plays in the response, expounds the fundamental gaps, education actions need to close, and discusses the urgency to take action and enable all the social actors to maintain intrinsic capacity in the Anthropocene and prepare humanity for the post-2050 world.


Our speaker: M. Cristina Polidori:

M. Cristina Polidori leads the Ageing Clinical Research group and belongs to the Management Team of the newly established Ward for Ageing Medicine at the Dpt. II of Internal Medicine of the University Hospital of Cologne. Here, Dr. Polidori is also responsible for the Teaching of Ageing Medicine and Medicine of the Aged as she is specialized in Gerontology and Geriatrics and in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics. She is a former Fellow of the Harvard University, of the EU Marie-Curie Programme Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources and of the Robert-Bosch Foundation. Since 2014 she is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of London for her studies on healthy centenarians. Dr. Polidori is Delegate of the International Federation on Aging, member of the Scientific Committee of ProMoAge as well as Associate PI of the Cologne Excellence Cluster on Cellular Stress- Responses in Aging- Associated Diseases (CECAD), and local coordinator of the EIT Health Ageing PhD School. M. Cristina Polidori is listed among the 2% top world-ranked scientists in her field (PloS Biology 2020), has been awarded several national and international prizes as editor and author of over 140 most relevant books and publications in the field, and has an h-index of 44.