“The importance of digital skills in healthcare” – Community and Education

Begin: 11:45-13:00 CET

The importance of digital skills in healthcare

Dr. Armin Ritter// Fraunhofer Academy

Organised as monthly 1-hour-webinars, the ultimate goal of the seminar series “Community and Education in Action” is to assemble like-minded intellectuals and professionals from our community to trade ideas, thoughts, and views related to a specific EIT-Health topic especially focused in the Education Pillar.



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After the series, an e-booklet will be published with the summaries and information of the speakers. Participants can receive a recording of their session after the Video and will have the opportunity to provide their feedback.

About this seminar:

It is no secret that healthcare systems across Europe are under pressure to develop their effectiveness and remain competitive. Digital technologies have the potential to transform the way we deliver care. Other industries have experienced productivity gains of up to 20% from digitisation, but healthcare delivery has yet to realise such gains. One of the reasons for this is the lack of digital skills in the healthcare workforce. This lack of sufficient digital knowledge leads to poor adoption of new technologies, that could bring the required change. There is an urgent need for upskilling of the workforce and that has become even more pressing in the pandemic. Professionals and managers in the healthcare ecosystem need to be able to innovate, adapt and engage with new technologies and the changing pace of medicine. The Transformative Digital Skills for Healthcare Training Programme addresses these challenges.


Our speaker: Armin Ritter

Armin Ritter is an economics pedagogic and innovation expert. Focus of his work is on innovations in professional education with the aim of effectiveness and transfer to the work environment. Armin is leading the business unit Corporate Learning of the Fraunhofer Academy, which develops and implements comprehensive technology-driven upskilling and reskilling programmes. Prior to Fraunhofer, Armin acquired extensive experience in complex lean management and innovation projects.in aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing industry. As a professional facilitator, Armin has coached management teams in the industry and education sector.