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World Kidney Day: Helping patients avoid dialysis

World Kidney Day takes place annually on the second Thursday of March. This global campaign aims to raise awareness about kidney health, prevention, risks and living with kidney failure.

For World Kidney Day we are raising awareness on the problem but also the solutions developed in this field. For this, we did a short interview with Kirby Binayao, the founder and CEO of Binnovate Digital Health BV. The start-up took part in our Start-ups Meet Pharma 2021 programme, where they showcased their solution in the challenge: integrated care for chronic kidney disease patients.

Could you tell us about your company?

RenalTracker is a digital kidney care program that helps patients avoid dialysis while maximizing cost savings for care organizations.

You are providing personalized digital engagement and educational training for kidney patients. Can you tell us why this is necessary and how your product can help?

As the patient’s kidney function decline over time, the cost of care exponentially increases especially in end-stage dialysis. RenalTracker intervenes in the early stages of the disease process by focusing on the patients’ in-between doctor’s visits. We use an intersection of personalized patient coaching, BP tracking digital devices, and data science to realize cost-saving outcomes.

Our ultimate aim is to help realize a world where patients will not need dialysis.

You took part in the Start-ups Meet Pharma 2021 programme (AstraZeneca challenge: Integrated Care for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients). How would you describe this experience and how did the programme help you?

The Startups Meet Pharma programme 2021 helped us by connecting us to relevant stakeholders within AstraZeneca who share our goal of preventing kidney disease progression. In addition, the workshops were very helpful in introducing subject matter experts to activities ahead in our roadmap.

What are the next planned steps for your start-up?

We are in the process now of having a pilot with Harvard Medical in Q3 of this year. Alongside it, we’re also strengthening our B2C position in different areas in the EU as well as in the US.

Is there anything you would like to add to our readers for World Kidney Day?

We’re joining our colleagues and friends all over the world in recognizing the importance of Kidney Health for All. Bridging the gaps of knowledge and most especially, applying them to daily life, should be at the forefront of kidney care. It’s about time we give it the attention it deserves.