Who and when and what? This is our Symposium’s agenda!

Ready for a dive into Health Data Management? There is only one week left until our Joint Annual Symposium with EIT Health Spain!


We are thrilled to welcome you on 17 November within the walls of CUBEX ONE. The newly-opened founder space is not only an exciting addition to the Mannheim Medical Technology Campus, it will also be our new office site! We can say that we are more than excited to become tenants of the start-up center in the heart of Mannheim. It will be a delight to experience the cross-sectoral networking in the start-up ecosystem NEXT MANNHEIM offered by the facility.


Now, let us walk you through the agenda of our two-day come-together, our Joint Annual Symposium “Right to privacy vs. duty to protect lives – Health Data management in focus“! On the first day (17 November), we welcome our guests from 10:30 in the cozy Foyer of Cubex One. At our welcome desk, you can get all the information you need for the next two days. With our event brochure, you have the programme right in your hands! Don´t worry if you will not have time to have breakfast before, you will have plenty of choices to grab a small bite or drink a warm coffee at our breakfast buffet offered for you!



After getting a nice breakfast and your first chance to connect with the other guests, our official programme will begin at 11:30 in the room “Conference Now”. Nandor Gaus, Managing Director of EIT Health Germany-Switzerland, and Izabel Alfany, Operations & Business Development Director of EIT Health Spain, welcome you and open the event. Our first speaker will be Nick Schneider, who is the head of the new technologies and data use department at the Ministry of Health.

The following Podium Discussion with Nick Schneider from the Federal Ministry of Health, Harald Wagener from the Berlin Institute of Health at Charite, and Dr. Angèle Bénard-Sankaran from the H2O project department at VHIR. Their discussion on “Creating European Data solutions: Ongoing approaches and projects” will be moderated by Dr. Lars Riedemann from Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg

This discussion will be followed by a well-deserved cold buffet as lunch, served in the Foyer between 13:00 and 14:00. You can also use this opportunity to network with our partners, speakers, and other guests over a nice meal!


Now… get ready to hear from our network. Partners and other speakers were invited to present their very own views on the topic of Health Data Management. The programme we developed from their very interesting feedback is a deep dive into GDPR, Security, and technical solutions: safe approaches to new data management and Practical implementations and chances for healthcare providers and patients.


GDPR, Security, and technical solutions: safe approaches to new data management


Practical implementations and chances for healthcare providers and patients


The sessions will be followed by a short presentation by Jonas Wagner, Head of CUBEX ONE, and a selection of tenants. And now, after a long day of presentations and discussions, you can enjoy and get together at our dinner in Foyer!


Well-rested and eager to bring our insights from day one into discussion, we are starting day 2 of the event at 9:00 on Friday (18 November)! We will begin with a presentation by Dr. Stuart McLennan from TUM in which he will discuss that You Can’t Have AI Both Ways: Balancing Health Data Privacy and Access Fairly. His presentation will be followed by a short Coffee Break in Foyer with a breakfast buffet served with coffee.


And now we will need your support! Between 10:30 and 12:30 we will have workshop sessions for statement development. Please join these workshops if possible so we can work together on the statement paper!

With the end of the workshops, we already reached the end of our agenda for non-german partner attendees. At 12:30, Nandor Gaus and Izabel Alfany will close the event by sharing some next steps with you and then you can still enjoy lunch with us in Foyer.

For our German-Swiss partners, we will still hold a Partner Meeting between 14:00 and 16:00 which will be held hybrid, so those of our partners who don´t have the chance to attend in person can still participate.


We hope our little summary of the program helped to give you an overview of the event and we cannot wait to welcome you at CUBEX ONE in just one week! See you there!