Headstart Award second round: 11 start-ups move to the next stage

Eleven start-ups are continuing their Headstart journey and will be competing for the Headstart award on 13 November, 2020 at the Frontiers Health Conference.

The EIT Health Headstart Programme supports emerging startups and SMEs to develop new innovative healthcare products and fast-tracks them to market. The pan-European programme provides support, and funding of up to €50,000 to startups accelerating their product launch timeline. EIT Health Germany is now moving forward to the next stage of the Headstart programme (second round in 2020) and has shortlisted 11 start-ups from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The 11 startups were selected from a pool of 30 high-quality applicants and are set to compete for the Headstart Award during the Frontiers Health conference on 13 November 2020. Stay tuned!

Meet the pre-selected start-ups:

Flowbone: Flowbone is developing a new generation of biomaterial for the local strengthening of osteoporotic hips, with the goal of protecting those from devastating fractures.  The unique, proprietary formulation of our gel allows a simple and minimal-invasive injection into the hip bone and promotes rapid and efficient growth of new bone through a revolutionary “bone seeding” technology.

Piomic: Piomic’s portable advanced wound care device, the COMS® One therapy system, solves the challenge of chronic wound care affecting 1 % of the global population. By enabling patient self-management, the transfer to the home care setting can be achieved in a timely and cost-effective manner.

HID Imaging: HiD Imaging provides an AI-based software enabling any healthcare professional to plan patient-specific cardiac operations accurately, reliably, fast, and to predict post-operational blood flow abnormalities before the operation.

Advosense: Advosense is on a mission to transform geriatric care, starting with incontinence. The start-up is set to create a smart incontinence brief that monitors patients for episodes of incontinence in hospitals and nursing homes, empowering clinicians to know when, where and how to best care for their patient’s needs.

Endometriose App: The Endometriosis App is a smartphone app that will improve the health of millions of endometriosis patients by offering them scientifically-backed individual and interdisciplinary treatment.

Opto Biolabs: Opto biolabs develops smart illumination devices combining optogenetics with flow cytometry and cell sorting for the first time, introducing a game-changer for optogenetic applications and therapeutic approaches.

Deep Care: Deep Care develops smart devices integrated into working desks to prevent long-term health problems due to non-ergonomic sitting or environmental influences, thus supporting healthy working behavior and thereby increases physical and psychological wellness as well as productivity at work.

BrightComSol: BrightComSol has developed a novel perovskite quantum dot-based scintillator that greatly increases detector resolution and sensitivity. The start-up anticipates that our low-cost scintillators, with their high-resolution and much lower dose requirement, will tremendously extend X-ray imaging benefits to more patients.

MedKitDoc: MedKitdoc develops an app allowing physicians & patients to connect on another level, by enabling physicians to examine patients using selected certified devices.

Baccuico: Baccuico has developed a proprietary cultivation platform that combines directed evolution, next-generation sequencing, and machine learning to transform unculturable bacteria into culturable bacteria that can grow in the laboratory.

IT- Labs: IT-Labs GmbH develops innovative solutions for companies in the homecare sector. Their first product is Alberta, the intelligent care management platform for chronically ill patients. 

Congratulations to the teams and good luck!