Headstart award 2020: 15 startups selected for the first round

The first round of the Headstart programme 2020 moves to the next round with 15 shortlisted startups.

The EIT Health Headstart Programme supports emerging startups and SMEs to develop new innovative healthcare products and fast-tracks them to market. The pan-European programme provides support, and funding of up to €50,000 to startups accelerating their product launch timeline. EIT Health Germany is now moving forward to the next stage and has shortlisted 15 startups from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The 15 startups receiving funding under the first EIT Health Germany Headstart call for 2020 were selected from a pool of 35 high-quality applicants.

The startups chosen for this round are:

Visseiro – Visseiro is working every day to transform health care and offer the best quality of life to elderly population. Living independently as an elderly person carries risks. VISSEIRO mitigate those at their minimum and take care of your beloved ones. With our Smart Care Pad, we alarm all involved parties (e.g. relatives, care centres, ambulant care, doctors, etc.) real-time about health of a carded one. Just sit down and the sensors in the pad measure relevant vital signs, the sophisticated AI algorithms analyze the data and calculates an individual health score.

Aumio – Aumio is the digital companion for children’s mental health. With Aumio children discover their feelings in a playful way. They learn simple mindfulness exercises for dealing with challenges and strong emotions in everyday life. We offer different courses specifically designed to help with problems such as Hyperactivity, Impulsivity or Anxiety. Aumio helps educate children and their parents about mental health, and strengthens their mental awareness for a healthy future.

BOCAhealth – BOCAhealth improves the quality of life and reduces the mortality of chronic ill patients via optimal fluid management by using innovative sensors and AI technology.

CentivaHealth – Centiva Health offers a fair incentive platform for individuals to share health data while preserving the privacy of the individual at the same time. Individuals receive incentives in the form of digital currency. Blockchain technology enables confidential matchmaking between patients and organizations seeking data and lets the individuals decide with whom they want to share their data. Currently, Centiva Health is used in the context of rare diseases and population health, i.e., outbreak monitoring.

DeepSpin -DeepSpin is developing a next-gen, AI-powered MRI imaging machine at a fraction of the cost, size and weight of standard systems. These technical advancements are made possible through the power of generative topological hardware optimization in combination with operational deep learning on MRI images. Through their proprietary technology, DeepSpin will be making MRI accessible to every patient globally, becoming the imaging standard of care in a myriad of previously inaccessible medical domains.

Ergofox – Ergofox allows, for the first time, to qualitatively measure and visualize the sitting posture in front of the computer screen. Together with the subsequent online coaching, it forms a holistic concept for improving back health at the workplace. The integrated 3D sensor enables the reliable detection of specific body points. The ergofox AI uses these body points to identify and classify body postures. The team comprises an interdisciplinary team of experienced software developers, sports scientists and business developers.

FIMOFIMO Health develops a data-driven solution that helps patients suffering from chronic diseases to manage their symptoms and to understand the influencing factors. The data helps patients to better understand their symptoms and proactively counteract them. Doctors can use the data to improve their anamnesis process and track the effectiveness of therapies. Pharmaceutical companies can use our solution for (follow-up) tracking during or after clinical trials and obtain valuable data on the effectiveness of their drugs on different symptoms.

Hellstern medical GmbH – Aside of single futuristic tools, the working space of a surgeon did not change for many years. Regarding the stress to a surgeon’s body, we are still stone age. Surgeons get rid of this burden with our support system. On the one hand it is highly flexible and does not restrict the surgeon’s agility. On the other hand, it is stiff and solid enough to give the doctor a secure feeling for working precisely. Our support system preserves the health and concentration of the surgeon, improves the treatment of the patients and reduces the risk of incidents for the hospitals.

iuvando Health – iuvando is a patient-centric digital health solution for cancer patients who seek to benefit from investigational treatments as offered in clinical trials. Both patients and physicians are often unaware of open trials due to the plethora of upcoming studies in precision oncology. iuvando provides a comprehensive report of trials matching the patient’s individual disease characteristics which are extracted from medical records. To enable a targeted treatment approach, patients are counseled through the initiation and reimbursement of their tumor‘s genetic profiling. iuvando offers the unique and free-of-charge professional guidance to benefit from new treatments and unlocks care pathways beyond clinical routine.

NiaHealth – Nia Health develops and markets a service platform for patients with skin diseases. The core product is a smartphone app, which supports patients and their relatives in their daily dealings with atopic dermatitis, the most common chronic skin disease, by offering them holistic, digital support. The medically validated content and personalised functions of Nia make people active creators of their health and help them to improve their quality of life.

PixelBiotech – PixelBiotech is developing the HuluSCOPE, a POCT device of molecular diagnosis for everyone with infectious diseases. HuluSCOPE is an automated fluorescence microscope for sample-to-result testing within 15 minutes, powered by our single-molecule multiplexing HuluFISH and AI-backed image analysis algorithm HuluREAD. It is 20X cheaper and 40X faster than existing nucleic acid testing, creating a basis for a global epidemic/pandemic prevention network.

RemissioML – At Remissio we use AI to design cancer immunotherapy. This precise cancer treatment uses your immune cells modified in the lab to fight cancer. Unfortunately, these supercharged immune cells can target healthy cells causing dangerous side effects.  We unlock the potential of immunotherapies by developing a machine learning algorithm that screens immunotherapies and predicts side effects at the early stage of drug development. Our technology will make immunotherapy development quicker and more effective for our biotech clients bringing safer therapies to patients.

Virtonomy – Virtonomy is creating the first cloud-based SaaS solution for use by medical device developers that utilizes virtual patients for data-driven clinical trials, thereby shortening the time-to-market for life-essential medical devices, accelerating medical innovation, and significantly reducing costs. By applying our expertise in image processing, cloud storage/computing, deep learning and visualization using virtual reality, Virtonomy is taking a pioneering role in this breakthrough area of digital healthcare.

YolifeYolife is an app that helps you to live longer in good health via science-backed holistic lifestyle changes. It listens to your tracked health data and provides you with a real-time longevity feedback. By applying your activity and health data to scientific research on longevity, the app acts like a mirror that reflects the impact of your present behaviour on your potential healthy lifespan. To help you extend your healthy lifespan, the app provides you with instructions in more than 15 health and lifestyle areas, generated by our expert community and service partners and personalised by our AI.

Zoundream – In Zoundream, we apply the latest developments of artificial intelligence and sound recognition to the very specific field of new-borns cry – in order to translate baby cries sounds into their needs, emotions and physical status.