Proposal Writing Support BP2021

Mannheim Office or Conference Call (optional)

Who can participate?

Any German CLC partner, whose EoI has passed the initial Stage 0 gate and wishes to get specific input (and partially hands-on help) on setting up the full Plaza proposal

What will be covered in the session?

      • Partner specific questions will be answered by either the EIT Health Germany Team and/or external experts
      • Support and recommendations concerning basic set-up in Plaza of relevant content (e.g. consortium, unmet need, solution, competitors), eligibility criteria, commercialization, etc.
      • Support and recommendations concerning the understanding of EIT Health-specific requirements, e.g. Governance, Knowledge Triangle Integration, etc.
      • Plaza IT system help will be provided

How to apply:


Please note: first come first serve! Two sessions will be held simultaneously each time slot.

In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.