“Improving Health Outcomes in the Workplace: Outcomes of the “PsyHealth worXs” project.” – Community and Education

Begin: 11:45-13:00 CET

Prof. Dr. Jessica Lang // RWTH Aachen

Improving Health Outcomes in the Workplace: Outcomes of the “PsyHealth worXs” project.

Organised as monthly 1-hour-webinars, the ultimate goal of the seminar series “Community and Education in Action” is to assemble like-minded intellectuals and professionals from our community to trade ideas, thoughts, and views related to a specific EIT-Health topic especially focused in the Education Pillar.


We all know reports on how work can make us sick. And we all know what stresses us out in our jobs. However, only 30% of European companies put the systematic optimisation of working conditions for maintaining worker well-being on their to-do list. This seminar introduces feasible procedures for enabling participants to handle the process of the legally required psychosocial risk assessment. We will identify relevant working conditions, discuss their potential for being a risk for well-being and explore simple preventive measures to ensure that unnecessary stressors do not get in our way in completing our jobs with satisfaction.

The road to a health-promoting workplace through a systematic psychosocial risk assessment.

For more information, visit the elaborated PsyHealth worXs! online training.

About the speaker:

Dr. Jessica Lang is an occupational health psychologist who believes that working conditions need to be systematically changed to maintain worker-health and well-being. She specializes in occupational stressors and their impact on mental and physical health. She has expertise in the assessment of psychosocial risks at work and systematic prevention of mental health problems. Her research has a strong application focus. Besides journal publications, her research resulted in the development of eLearning Tools for leaders and employees regarding psychological health promotion at the workplace as well as a Massive Open Online Course that brings legal and research requirements into practice regarding psychosocial risk assessments. Holding a degree in psychology from the University of Mannheim, she completed her postdoctoral fellowship in the field of occupational medicine at RWTH Aachen University, Germany.



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