Enabling innovation within the MedTech industry – Apply today for Meet&Match.Dx programme

Ready to take up a challenge? Collaborate with leading MedTech companies to tackle diagnostic challenges and open the path for partnership exploration with Meet&Match.Dx.

The quest for better solutions to healthcare’s greatest challenges starts with and depends on diagnostics. The advancement in diagnostic technologies and techniques is a driving force for many European companies to change the pace of healthcare service delivery. If you are interested in working with them to change the way diseases are detected and diagnosed, join Meet & Match.Dx, a challenge-based acceleration programme that connects SMEs developing breakthrough diagnostic solutions with major pharmaceutical and medical technology companies in Europe through tailored workshops and one-to-one pitch sessions, with the aim to explore partnership opportunities.

How it works

The programme consists of a set of pre-defined challenges by the Pharma & MedTech companies and SMEs are invited to apply to the challenges with an operational product/technology. Once the call is closed, the Pharma & MedTech companies will select the SMEs with whom they would explore partnership opportunities within the programme. Selected SMEs will be invited to participate in 4 program modules, including a week-long training, a pitch session with the challenge owner, and a Demo day to showcase their solution to external Pharma & MedTech companies.

 Challenges for 2022: 

  1. Non-invasive tools to measure nutrient status in children and adults in collaboration with Abbott
  2. Accurate, real-time visualization of tumors during oncology resection surgeries in collaboration with Medtronic
  3. Point-of-care test for allergy in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific
  4. Disruptive solutions for early disease identification and interdisciplinary treatment of eosinophilic diseases in collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline GmbH & Co. KG

Full description of the challenges is available here.

Programme dates:

Module 1 – Training: September 2022

Module 2– Pitching sessions: October 2022

Module 3 – Roadshow: November 2022

Module 4 – Demo Day: December 2022

Eligibility criteria: Small and medium-sized companies with a product/technology that addresses one of the challenges released by Pharma & MedTech companies.

How to apply: Fill in the application form and send it to until 28 August 2022, 23:59 CET.

Selection criteria: Applications are selected based on the quality of the business idea, fit for the programme challenges, and team’s motivation and level of commitment.

Deadline to apply: 4 September 2022, 23:59 CET

Webinars to get more info about the programme and the application process:

 Programme cost: Free of charge

Programme location: Online/hybrid

Contact: Bojana Trajkovska ( and Ares Albà Roselló (