EIT Health Catapult D.A.CH Regional Selection: 6 start-ups continue their Catapult journey

Six start-ups have been selected for the EIT Health Catapult Semi-finals, ready to make their mark on the European healthcare scene.

We are excited to announce the six D.A.CH start-ups selected to join the EIT Health Catapult Semi-finals, chosen among the 42 start-ups from across Europe, moving to the next stage of the programme. The D.A.CH Regional Selection concluded with the selection of Limula, OmiCera (BioTech), Adiposs, ThinkSono (MedTech) Ebenbuild and Mentalis (Digital Health) for the semi-finals in December, 2021. The six selected projects merge technology and product development in ways that are truly innovative, with the potential to create a better future for European citizens.

These are the selected D.A.CH semi-finalists: 

Limula provides a platform technology enabling automated cell and gene therapy manufacturing at the highest possible standards. The Swiss start-up invented, prototyped and further patented a device with the complex process of cell therapy manufacturing in mind, leading to a highly customizable solution that has the potential to unlock the full potential of personalized cancer treatments.

OmicEra aims to catalyze a revolution in medicine and improve quality of life by offering our mass spectrometry-based proteomics platform to biotech, pharma and the clinic. Powered by innovative AI technology, their results maximize biomedical insights, helping clients to improve their research pipelines and discover more reliable and valuable biomarkers.

Adiposs makes body wasting visible early with a simple, fast and pain-free ImageBAT-enhanced CT scan available in every hospital worldwide.B y making body wasting visible, Adiposs enables early treatments of millions of patients, giving them better and longer lives.

ThinkSono has created the world’s first software to detect deep vein thrombosis (DVT), the number one cause of preventable hospital death. AutoDVT solves the DVT diagnosis problem by allowing all healthcare staff to detect DVT in just 10 minutes.

Ebenbuild provides software-based personalized clinical decision support for mechanical ventilation and critical care based on digital twins of patient lungs. The idea is to provide patients suffering from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) with individually tailored accurate mechanical ventilation settings to improve their odds of survival and recovery.

Mentalis offers seamless, digital aftercare to patients suffering from mental disorders by utilizing algorithm-based apps and tele-coaching. The goal of the mentalis app is to stabilize and further improve the mental health of the patient.

What are their expectations?

“We expect  a great competition among the best health startups in Europe.” – Andrej Babic (Adiposs)

“We hope this competition lives up to its name, propulsing our project to the next stage.” – Luc Henry (Limula)

“We hope that the Catapult will help us broaden our network of European digital health experts and investors in order to bring our vision to life”. – Kei Muller (Ebenbuild)

The selected start-ups will receive intensive coaching on their value proposition and investor pitch, and then pitch and compete against the European-wide competition during the following semi-final events, taking place online on:

  • Biotech: 1 December 2021
  • Medtech: 2 December 2021
  • Digital Health: 3 December 2021

Find out more and register for the Semi-final events here.