EIT Health starts with top companies in Austria

The first Austrian partners, the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), Austria’s largest non-university research institute, together with four leading industrial companies, Boehringer Ingelheim Regional Center Vienna (RCV), Kapsch BusinessCom, UNIQA Insurance Group AG and the WILD Group, as well as the successful Viennese start-up incubator INiTS, EIT Health have joined EIT Health with effect from 1 January 2020.

The life science sector in Austria is a vibrant market (60% pharmaceutical, 40% biotech, more than 1000 companies, more than 55,000 employees) and a significant and future-oriented driver of economic growth, innovation and talent. In addition to the established industry, numerous small and medium-sized companies are represented – including numerous start-ups. Through the membership of the Austrian partners, the EIT Health Network is to be anchored in the national life science sector and synergies created. This will promote a healthier lifestyle in Austria, improve health care and strengthen the health industry.

In close coordination with EIT Health Germany, the AIT as the driving force has succeeded in bringing together national partners from different areas of the health sector to join this EU network. The Austrian partners’ initiative for EIT Health is supported by stakeholders from the national life science clusters (LISAvienna, Cluster Life Science Tirol, Styria), the FFG and public authorities.

The advantages of the network for Austrian companies are obvious: long-term partnerships, market-oriented projects at medium technological maturity with business plan, simplified project applications, access to about 1000 linked start-ups, up-to-date educational offers for students, young physicians and citizens – all anchored in the broad field of activities of EIT Health in Europe. Sp can jointly bring new products and services faster to the European market, support young regional companies and make new educational opportunities available.