E-labs call 2020: Results are in! 

Two applications from EIT Health Germany partners approved for E-labs 2020

Entrepreneurship labs are part of the Campus portfolio of activities, designed to educate and connect learners from different disciplines to acquire an entrepreneurial mind-set and inspire the health innovators of the future.

On 31 October 2019 the Entrepreneurship Labs 2020 call was closed and we are pleased to announce that two applications from our partners have been successful. The two projects, Digital Health Entrepreneurs (DHE) from RWTH Aachen University and Medtech E-Lab from FAU Erlangen have already been running this year, but they were approved for next year as well.


RWTH’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group (WIN) and the Chair and Institute of Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics (IAW) will deliver the Digital Health Engineering and Entrepreneurial Innovation course. In this transdisciplinary course, students receive the opportunity to work together with other students from various disciplines by developing creative digital solutions to address the aging population in Europe. Triggered by an interactive experience of aging using an age simulation suit, the teams will develop digital solutions to support older adults in the field of healthcare. It comprises interactive teaching modules focusing on entrepreneurship, user-centered app design as well as ethical and age oriented product development. In this course students take a new perspective on age and health. A focus will be laid on the development of competencies for the ethical, social and age-appropriate development of digital (app-supported) solutions. Basic competences for the development of digital solutions, their user-oriented design and meaningful connection with a business plan are trained.




The Central Institute of Medical Engineering (ZiMT) is offering, in collaboration with the University Hospital of Erlangen, Siemens Healthcare, Medical Valley EMN and Universidad de Navarra/IESE, a  course in entrepreneurship and medical engineering within the framework of EIT Health: The MedTech Entrepreneurship Lab.

This practical course is geared towards students who are keen to solve practical real-world challenges from hospital partners, whilst using a hands-on approach and acquiring relevant tools to build and launch a business. Students will work on pre-selected projects from various different medical fields provided by the University Hospital of Erlangen. Participants will have open access to the Innovation Lab, which provides them with an infrastructure to develop their project specific prototype. Through a series of seminars in medical device regulations, workshops in business and finance, regular mentoring meetings, and individual coaching from industry and healthcare professionals, learners will implement their ideas as prototypes by applying lean startup methodology and develop their business plan. Students will use Scrum as an agile development method in order to support their prototype building process. The MedTech Entrepreneurship Lab will culminate in a pitch competition in front of investors, end-users, and challenge-providers.