More tech, less stress! AIT launches project for prevention of stress for the ageing population

EIT Health Germany partner Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) has announced the launch of the mHealthINX project. The end result: a digital stress management solution for the ageing population.

Work-related stress often leads to secondary illnesses such as depression, anxiety and cardiovascular diseases. This holds particularly true for older employees (55+). Furthermore, costs related to mental disorders and work-related depression in Europe are constantly on the rise.

To address this concern, the AIT Centers Health & Bioresources and Centre Digital Safety & Security, together with nine European partners have launched the project mHealthINX.

The mHealthINX solution will provide a user-friendly, coherent and holistic solution to support older employees in managing their stress level and in promoting their mental health, according to the motto: Indication – iNtervention – eXperience.

  • Indication – Users will be able to measure, assess, and elaborate their personal stress level in a mobile and unobtrusive way via objective measurement devices and subjective (questionnaires, self-reported assessments) measures administered via the mHealthINX mobile solution.
  • iNtervention – The system will indicate critical stress levels via the personal guardian feature and suggest personalized and context-sensitive interventions via the personal advisor feature. The personal guardian will monitor users’ overall de-stress progress and the personal advisor will support users in managing stressful situations.
  • eXperience – The mHealthINX system will provide an entirely novel intervention eXperience, which uses synergies between classical, established technologies and innovative, future-oriented technologies.

The objective is that the solution will reinforce the elderly people in their daily work by recognizing stress, avoid deterioration and complications and eventually enable them to work again with pleasure without stress.

The three-year project is co-financed by the Active and Assisted Living Program (AAL) and the national funding agencies FFG (Austria), Swiss Confederation (Switzerland), and ZonMw (Netherlands). The total project volume amounts to €2.9m. A consortium of ten organisations from Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands have joined to implement the mHealthINX solution.

More information on the project: