Digital Health Category: Meet the EIT Health Catapult regional finalists CardiLink, Aidhere, Mediaire and Living Brain.

13 finalists were chosen for this year’s Regional Selection of the EIT Health Catapult. Here are the shortlisted candidates from the Digital Health Category: CardiLink, Aidhere, Mediaire and Living Brain. 

On 26 May 2020 we are hosting the Regional Selection of EIT Health Catapult and this year the exciting pitch competition will include 13 promising startups from across Europe. Meet the four Digital Health teams and learn more about their projects:


Product / service idea in 50 words or less: CardiLink ensures that public access defibrillators from multiple manufacturers can save lives at time of need. We deliver 24/7 AED readiness.

Origins of the idea: CardiLink GmbH was founded in 2016 as a vendor neutral surveillance and monitoring service for AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators). The idea to the service originated in university research of the founder identifying the next development steps in the AED market.

Key differentiated product features: CardiLink is a vendor neutral open platform enabling collaboration and cooperation of all stakeholders along the chain of survival. Trust and transparency are our key values.

Reasons for applying to EIT Health Catapult: EIT Health Catapult brings us visibility across European borders and is a platform for us to interact with potential partners and customers.

Future plans & ambitions. What’s next? CardiLink platform enables your employees to work in a healthy & heart safe environment.


Product / service idea in 50 words or less:  Develop software to empower radiologists now extracting the full diagnostic value of their MRI images. Therefore we use proprietary deep learning learning methods in combination with MRI expertise and augmentation techniques to quantify important Bio-marker and thus increase the diagnostic value of radiology itself.

Origins of the idea: Our Co-Founder and Neuroradiologist needed an automatic solution which quantifies atrophied brain regions and helps him diagnosing dementia patients with improved accuracy under the time constraints he lived in his daily work.

Key differentiated product features: Only solution enabling increased accuracy and processing speed due to usage of deep learning methods in the regime of brain MRI volumetry, where very little labeled data sets exists (one datasets costs several thousand euros).

Reasons for applying to EIT Health Catapult: The possibility to pitch to major investors from world-leading companies in the health sector will perfectly fit to our strategy as we are preparing our Series-A financing round. Also the access in other programs regarding international expansion will be very beneficial as actually start our international expansion.

Future plans & ambitions. What’s next?   We do not only want to expand geographically but will also use our customer base and the rising community of mdbrain users to upscale new products and become the recognized brand for image diagnostics of MRI images in the world. In detail we will approach the EU-5 including the UK market in Q3 / Q4 2020 and launch in June our new product mdspine.


Product / service idea in 50 words or less: aidhere builds digital behavioral medicine solutions for the cardiovascular space. We combine behavior therapy with artificial intelligence to change automatic health-related behavior at scale. Our first product, zanadio, is addressing obesity, one of the root causes and key risk factors for lifestyle diseases.

Origins of the idea: Research on “automated behavior” at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences by our co-founder Dr. Nora Mehl.

Key differentiated product features: First digital therapeutic for obesity in the German market that is a medical device and on track to be fully reimbursable.

Reasons for applying to EIT Health Catapult: Great opportunity to get to know likeminded founders, receive high-quality training and present our solution

Future plans & ambitions. What’s next? Rolling out our Digital behavior therapeutics across cardiovascular diseases.

Living brain

Product or Service in less than 50 words: Living Brain develops a software for cognitive rehabilitation in patients with neurological diseases using neuroscience, activities of daily living and VR for treating patients in an effective as well as fun way and brings rehab with mobile and connected devices to wherever it is convenient.

Origins of the idea: In 2015 co-founder Julian had to undergo neurosurgery due to a refractory temporal lobe epilepsy. In the forefront of that he was confronted with the available rehabilitation treatment and was shocked when he saw the outdated ways of cognitive rehabilitation. He and his co-founder Barbara decided to change that and after their studies of psychology they founded Living Brain. Julian underwent surgery despite the lack of functional rehabilitation and is seizure-free since surgery.

Key differentiating features: Living Brain’s product is different from conventional treatment applications concerning the following features: First of all, we apply scientific research from psychology and neuroscience, combine that with VR, scenarios from daily life and gamification and conduct our own trials for proving the principle behind our exercises. Secondly, as a connecting platform with mobile devices, we ensure treatment for patients beyond hospitals and practices and include therapists.

Reasons for applying to EIT Health Catapult: Being grown into the EIT Health environment as participants of EIT Health Hackathons and a winner of the Headstart Award in 2019 it was a logic consequence for us to apply for the Health Catapult on our way to growth in Europe . We are looking forward to getting in touch with the right investors and experts from Europe and believe in the outstanding network of EIT Health to support us on our way of transforming cognitive rehabilitation.

Future plans and ambitions: All our work focuses on the ambitious goal to provide a functional treatment for the millions of patients in Europe and to conduct proper research in this process. By these results we continuously develop our application and our team and prepare our market entry.