Cliniserve continues to grow with a newly acquired seed financing

Cliniserve GmbH closes a seed financing round in the seven-digit range. In addition to further investment by the previous investor Bayern Kapital Innovationsfonds, Miele Venture Capital GmbH has joined as a new investor.

Cliniserve´s mobile application for nurses reduces their administrative workload, helps them structure their work, communicate with their colleagues and thus gives them valuable time to spend with patients. The company was created after the founders Julian Nast-Kolb, Jaakko Nurkka and Quirin Körner took short internships in care institutions. They saw that nurses were overworked and hardly spent time with patients (only 15%), the task they really went to work for. They have worked together for two years and saw the potential in their ideas to help nurses focus on patient care and at the same time fight the nurse shortage in Europe.

Hence, Cliniserve offers a scalable software solution to the nursing crisis, increasing the time nurses spent with patients from 15% to 50%. By combining task management with staff disposition, they offer a SaaS product with immediate benefits to hospitals. The software is developed closely together with nurses to meet their modern-day requirements. It leapfrogs industry incumbents by relying on a completely new platform without any legacy systems that would hamper the development speed or user experience. Cliniserve is the only currently deployed mobile nurse assistant in hospitals, while other solutions only provide services for desktop PCs or focus on one process. This ensures nurses have a direct, tangible benefit from the offered system.

As a result of the current Corona pandemic, the need for digital care relief solutions is stronger than ever. Julian Nast-Kolb, CEO of Cliniserve said that about the situation:

Cliniserve helps hospitals in two directions: On the one hand, our TEAM solution helps nursing managers find replacement staff faster after illness or other shortcomings – something that unfortunately happens quite often in times of Covid. On the other hand, our CARE solution saves nurses lots of walking and hygenisation time through direct digital communication with Covid patients – ensuring they have more time to spend with patients in need.

Cliniserve participated in the EIT Health Headstart Award in 2019 and got into the 2nd call, ensuring 50.000€. The newly acquired seed financing in the seven-digit range is intended to further expand the market position as the first mobile care assistant. Dr. Georg Ried, Managing Director of Bayern Kapital, says:

“The healthcare industry needs innovative, digital solutions – to counteract the care bottleneck, but also to be able to efficiently tackle global challenges, such as a pandemic. A personalized patient care, delivered without stress or time pressure, should be paramount. Cliniserve has done great since our initial investment. We remain convinced of the growth potential of the innovative business model and are therefore happy to continue supporting Cliniserve.”