Be a part of facilitating the supply of medical equipment for Ukraine with us!

We stand firmly with the Ukrainian people and support the many helping countries and organisations that are showing humanity and strength in this unimagined crisis.

Millions of Ukrainians fleeing this war have already sought refuge in neighbouring European countries, and many more continue to make the journey. The conflict has caused many to escape with injuries, and there is a desperate need for medical equipment including first aid kits, surgical apparatus, and other crucial medical supplies.

Thus, EIT Health has launched the Ukraine appeal to support the supply of medical equipment for the country.

We have partnered with the Polish Medical Mission, a leading humanitarian organisation working with healthcare professionals on the border of Ukraine to care for those crossing and those who are in need in Ukraine. These people are scared, hurt, and often in need of urgent medical assistance. We are now bringing our network together to facilitate action and asking for their support in the effort to supply much-needed equipment to Ukrainian refugees.

What are the current medical equipment needs?

The medical equipment requirements outlined are regularly verified with the Ministry of Health in Ukraine, Ukrainian hospitals and the Polish Medical Mission. We will work with the Medical University of Lodz and our partners to facilitate logistics.

Find the list here.

How can you help?

If you are an organisation with the ability to donate and ship any of the medical equipment outlined to the Medical University of Lodz warehouse in Poland, please complete this form!

Please note: submission does not constitute any formal commitment to supply goods, agreements will be made following direct contact with a member of the EIT Health team.

If you’re also able, you can make a financial donation to the Polish Medical Mission to support their ongoing humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Please visit for more information.

EIT Health has donated to the Polish Medical Mission already.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please contact


Thank you for your support!