A practical Guidance to implementing integrated Personalised Diabetes Management in a Value Based Healthcare Context

Ahead of the upcoming publication of the Healthier Together- EU NCD Initiative that is planned on 22 June to support EU countries in the identification and implementation of effective actions to reduce the burden of major non-communicable diseases, the EIT-Health is proud to share the final deliverable of the Integrated Personalised Diabetes Management Goes Europe (iPDM-GO) Project: A practical toolkit to implementing integrated Personalised Diabetes Management in a Value-Based Healthcare Context. The consortium focused on improving diabetes care by implementing integrated Personalised Diabetes Management (iPDM). A key objective of the project was to enrich the iPDM approach with innovative tools and promote innovative financial models based on performance and outcomes.

The toolkit was developed by drawing on learnings and lessons from iPDM-GO, as well as insights from experts in value-based healthcare from different European regions. It is meant to guide policy-makers on the key elements to consider when preparing for and implementing VBHC solutions, including their funding model.

The toolkit includes quotes, extracts and references from external resources, complementing key considerations with practical insights on how you can implement value-based approaches that benefit wellbeing, competitiveness and cost-effectiveness.

You can access the toolkit here.