A new investment for PerioTrap Pharmaceuticals

The EIT Health Catapult semifinalist PerioTrap Pharmaceuticals announces a €3m seed round.

Thirty percent of the global population is affected by the widespread disease periodontitis. The current therapy consists of the removal of plaque within the dental pockets, followed by cleansing using either antiseptic solutions or broad spectrum antibiotics. This approach has various side effects, including the destruction of the protective biofilm. Up to now there were no effective treatments available. One of our supported start-ups might have a solution for the problem.

PerioTrap Pharmaceuticals has developed locally applied small molecule inhibitors against a new target, which is only present within the pathogenic bacteria, but it does not affect commensals.  The novel treatment strategy by this Fraunhofer IZI spin-off eradicates the major bacterial pathogens of periodontitis. As a result, the need for antibiotics is drastically reduced. With its new drug and innovative application procedure, PerioTrap Pharmaceuticals reduces the need for antibiotics and at the same time its selective mechanism targets the major pathogens directly at the site of infection – the oral cavity. As a result the chronic conditions can be overcome while reducing systemic side effects at the same time.

On 23 October 2020, the Halle-based biotech start-up has announced the closing of their first financing round to advance their drug development program aiming at fighting periodontitis in an innovative way. The funding amounted to €3m and will be used to optimize PerioTrap’s lead compound and progress its new prolonged-release pharmaceutical composition through clinical testing in order to apply for subsequent market approval.

Investors include bmp Ventures AG (through the IBG-Funds; which are the venture capital funds of the State of Saxony-Anhalt), i&i Prague and Fraunhofer venture and a strategic partner.

Despite the medical demand for a solution, we have not seen any innovation in the treatment of periodontitis for over a decade. Consequently, this investment will not only fuel the long-neglected therapeutic market segment within the dental realm, but most importantly it will restore patient confidence” states Pierre Tangermann, Managing Director at PerioTrap Pharmaceuticals.