14 start-ups enter the first cohort of the Start-ups Meet Healthcare Providers programme

EIT Health Germany welcomes 14 start-ups from across Europe to the first edition of the Start-ups Meet Healthcare Providers programme.

As part of our commitment to connecting key partners from industry, academia and research with one another to encourage innovation in healthcare, in June 2021 we launched our second flagship programme “Start-ups Meet Healthcare Providers”.  The challenge-based programme brings together in one frame (i) healthcare providers posing specific problems that hinder their effective and best possible provision of care and (ii) start-ups developing innovative technologies and services representing potential solutions for the selected challenges.

In 2021 we partnered with three healthcare providers, Riga Children´s University Hospital, University Hospital Centre Sisters of Charity, Zagreb and Diakonie Baden to jointly organize this year’s edition of the programme and we are now pleased to announce that we have selected 14 start-ups that address this year´s challenges.

Over the course of the following months, the start-ups from across Europe will take part in various training and workshops, spend dedicated time with the healthcare provider representatives to work on their solutions, and prepare for the Demo Day in December 2021. The program officially kicks off on the 11th of October 2021 with Module 1 “Accelerating Innovation in Healthcare”.

Here are the selected start-ups per challenge:

Riga Children´s University Hospital: Online interaction space for communities of patients and their families

Hexitime: Hexitime is a timebank. It gives the employees, and the organisations they work for, a free platform to exchange their ideas and skills for improvement. They can not only add their offers and requests via the timebank but can also pose their questions and challenges and turn the best ideas into projects.

NIXI for Children: The NixiKit is a VR tool that helps children who have to undergo surgery to lose their fear of the operating room and thus reduce preoperative anxiety. The NixiKit includes everything the family needs to prepare at home during the weeks leading up to the operation: a virtual reality headset, a booklet of activities to talk about the operation with their family and an access code to our virtual platform for patients’ families.

Oppioo AB: Oppioo develops an exercise app for cancer patients, where patients can combine their cancer treatment plan with their exercise plan. This is because physical activity has proven to be a great benefit to cancer treatment, for example, it can lower the risk of side effects and relapse, and also increase the chances of recovery.

ARCON SRL: SONE health provides devices able to digitize the sounds detected by any classic stethoscopes with the aim to improve it (by amplifying and filtering). Through an SW application and predictive model (AI-based), it allows to record, share auscultation, and predict anomalies related to lung pathologies, with the aim to improve preventive diagnosis.

Zagreb University Hospital Centre: Tools to identify, monitor and optimize patients’ medication adherence

Noah labs: Noah Labs offers Remote Cardiac Monitoring in the own home of high-risk patients suffering from cardiovascular disease. Noah Labs´solution includes patient-reported outcomes and medication adherence, and it integrates with medical providers through their existing software.

ExactCure: Patients using the mobile app of ExactCure can simulate the intake of drugs, thus avoiding underdoses, overdoses and drug-drug interactions, keep track of their treatments and past drug intake, access simplified medical information and input how they feel, their symptoms and adverse events. Thanks to reminders, patients will improve and maintain their adherence to

Scase: Scase is a diagnostic solution that consists of a portable, point-of-care, medical device combining smart sensors with a digital patient database including reminders, tailor-made questionnaires, measurement and drug-taking plans. The device connects to a digital platform that enables two-way communication, visualization and transmission of patient vital data accessible by a healthcare provider, doctor, patient and relatives.

Berdac: Berdac presents the easiest-to-use smart pill dispenser (IMAdispenser) that dispenses the necessary pills at the right time. At the time determined for taking the medication, the device warns with light and audible alarm, and, by pressing the button, serves all the necessary pills at that time in a glass. IMAdispenser detects the pills that fall into the glass and identifies if they have been withdrawn, at which time it gives the medication as properly dispensed. 

Zeeds: Zeeds is an application that builds meaning in peoples lives, by helping them identify and act in line with their values. As users start to do this, they are able to grow plants in a virtual garden. Thus, by creating specific values-based behaviours, treatment adherence increases.

Diakonie Baden: Integrating telematic infrastructures into standard of care

HealthX Future: HealthX Future aims to fight the nursing crisis by improving working conditions and easing the burden on nursing staff. It is developing an intuitive and secure collaboration platform for all those involved in the care process.

ConnectedCareMe UG: ConnectedCareMe UG is a cross-border telehealth service provider for ex-pats, international travellers, international students to make healthcare accessible in their preferred language and culture. By seamlessly connecting doctors of the home country to doctors of the host country, ConnectedCareMe UG expedites time to consultation while reducing the burden on the host country. developed a state of the art web and mobile-based communication platform with the aim to connect healthcare providers with their patients as a basis for personalized healthcare. With compiling meaningful patient data and running smart analytics to grasp patients’ full picture, the thus gained insights can be applied to improve patient outcomes.

Zana Technologies GmbH: Zana´s platform uniquely combines conversational AI and wearable technology. It helps to build AI assistants that are able to communicate with people through natural language while understanding more about them through connected sensors.

greenhabit BV: Greenhabit provides a 3-month gamified digital treatment program with a digital coach, built on science, rooted in behavioural change with data-driven personalized content in a social community.

Congratulations to the selected start-ups and we are looking forward to welcoming you in Mid-October!