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Gewinner des SHIP 2019

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  • You will receive initial EU funding for your early stage startup through our programmes and projects
  • You will gain access to renowned investors, business angels and VCs
  • You will receive coaching and advice to make your startups better and better
  • We connect you with the healthcare startup scene in Europe
  • We show you how it works: We advise you individually on your application for all EIT Health startup calls
  • We support you with the application for your project proposal
  • We accompany every follow-up after your application
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  • We create with our communication services for you and your startup attention and range
  • We organize meetings for ‘our’ startups on a regular basis

“The SHIP event really got us excited, especially the inspirational environment for innovation and the extensive networking opportunities. The feedback from the jury was a great help to further improve and sharpen our strategy.”

Maria Sievert, CEO & Co-Founder, inveox

“For startups in the ‘early stage’, a strong network that connects with the right people and institutions is critical. Not only did EIT Health provide us with valuable strategic input with the SHIP event for our business development, but we also networked with those who helped us in a pivotal phase. “

Boris Link, Product Manager, LARALAB

“EIT Health has a really great concept for startups. Through our participation and 1st place in the Headstart Programme and the European Health Catapult, we not only generated high visibility for our business, but also gained direct access to investors and further coaching. I think every healthcare startup can only benefit from the EIT Health network. “

Max Sieghold, Co-Founder der Sleepiz AG

“We have been welcomed in the EIT Health Community with open arms and love the energy in this network! It is overwhelming to see what efforts are being made in the organization of the projects and programmes, and we are very glad to be part of it ! Keep up the good work! “


Laura Bücheler, Co-Founder und MD, GHOST - feel.it GmbH

“We believe the EIT Health Community is a unique environment for the best possible connectivity and growth, and all contact opportunities can lead to important partnerships and new milestones for any startup. We encourage everyone to be more involved and open to new opportunities.”

Dr. Sahar Nassirpour, CEO & Co-Founder MR Shim

“We are now conducting further discussions with UCB. The discussions and the training of the programme were of very high quality. We have learned and improved a lot and have definitely changed our view of our own business and the strategy we want to follow.”

Nélson Oliveira, CTO, BestHealth4U

“We had a very interesting conversation with Ferrer. They really want to dive deeply into the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s patients, and we’ll band together at short notice and see what we can do with our gait analysis system for their products.”

Ralph Steidl, CEO, Portabiles HealthCare Technologies GmbH

“We had good talks not only with high-ranking pharmaceutical representatives, but also with experts with extensive specialists and industry expertise! I would like to mention in particular our very helpful exchange with the EIT Health Team and the close cooperation with our mentor from the EIT Health Mentoring & Coaching Network. “

Jeremy Henrichs, CEO & Co-Founder, NALA.care

The EIT Health Accelerator Programmes

To meet the future challenges of European healthcare, EIT Health’s Accelerator programmes and projects create a favorable environment for innovation and provide you with skills and services to bring innovative business ideas to market at every stage of your business.

Here’s the current EIT Health Accelerator Catalog

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Business Creation Manager
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EIT Health Germany startups


Advitos has developed a completely new multi-organ support therapy through their product, ADVOS System, the world’s first method of personalized support for the body’s three main detoxification organs: the liver, lungs, and kidneys.




Ares Genetics GmbH

Ares Genetics aims to revolutionise infectious disease diagnostics and therapeutics by developing novel approaches to improve the rapid detection of antibiotic resistance in patients with microbial infections as well as tools to accelerate antibiotic research.

AUCTEQ Biosystems GmbH

AUCTEQ, the Winner of the the ‘Headstart Award’ 2019, AUCTEQ Biosystems, is developing a growing bioreactor for cell cultures in biopharmaceutical production, combining the safety of the cells with user-friendliness and cost-efficiency to create a modern and sustainable cell culture process.



Bicoll provides an efficient, multi-disciplinary approach to drug discovery, based on molecules from plant extracts. Their Bicoll Plant Profiles provide access to the most promising source of new patentable, high quality leads in 9 months at a reasonable cost.


BestHealth4u is specialised in developing novel medical adhesive solutions. Their product, Bio2Skin, is a revolutionary nano-based adhesive for medical applications that can be integrated into a wide range of medical devices. 


CardiLink’s cloud-based software platform enables remote monitoring of Automated External Defibrillator devices, providing owners and manufacturers with critical insights into the operational effectiveness of their devices.


Climedo is a 2017 Headstart winner, which is empowering healthcare professionals by providing an intelligent platform for digitally connected medical research where all research-relevant data and information is stored in a structured manner. As a result, hospitals can gain more efficiency, patient safety and data-driven decision support.


Coldplasmatech developed a new wound dressing that creates cold plasma directly on the damaged skin, destroying multiresistant bacteria and stimulating the body’s self-healing powers.


Deepc is a health diagnostics startup, on a mission to eliminate medical errors and save human lives using AI. Their cutting-edge deep learning technology is transforming medical diagnostics by processing large-scale medical data in real-time and automatically detecting pathologies, thus supporting physicians in making life-saving diagnostics.


Dermus is developing a cost-effective, portable scanning device providing information about the whole layer of skin. By seeing the whole picture, it enables early skin cancer detection and skin cancer treatment planning, enabling healthcare providers and patients to get a diagnosis that is accessible, accurate and timely.


DigniSens is dedicated to the development of a smart sensoric system for people affected by incontinence. The sensor is designed to be applied on diapers for detecting fecal incontinence in elderly, which in case of bowel movement, it automatically sends a notification to nursing staff or other support care providers.


DITG is a leading innovator in the development of patient management programmes with evidence-based curative outcomes for chronic conditions, focusing on digital and telemedical solutions.

Dust Biosolutions

Dust Biosolutions is involved in the development and production of innovative biological adhesives for applications within the mining, infrastructure, construction, and agriculture industry. Their first product: a customized solution to control dust more cost-efficiently and environmentally friendly.


Earlysight invented a cellular-level imaging modality with unprecedented contrast to detect minor structural changes of the retina in only few seconds. The EPFL spinoff help s understand the origins of many diseases such as age-related macular degeneration and provide quantitative metrics for therapeutic endpoints.

EnFin GmbH

EnFin GmbH is the world-wide only manufacturer of ready-to-use enzymatic Test Kits for detection of fast growing aerotolerant anaerobic (mammalian) cells.


As spin-out of the Biomedical Center Munich EisbachBio develops novel medicines that target chromatin regulatory mechanisms essential to tumors. Thanks to a unique screening approach, Eisbach will establish cures for tumors that currently have no viable therapeutic option.


FeelSpace is an intelligent vibration navigation system for blind and visually impaired people to orient themselves in a foreign environment. Designed as a tactile compass belt, FeelSpace uses vibrational signals to indicate directions to the wearer.



GP4R is a spin-off of the Medical University of Gdańsk, which is developing a platform to link general practitioners to clinical trials, therefore facilitating clinical trials enrolment.

Hearable Labs

The ideas behind Hearable Labs is to implement augmented hearing algorithms on miniaturized electronics, to give everyone control over what they hear. The hardware startup is developing the technology for noise-cancelling earbuds, which would enable full control over the auditory environment. 


Heyfair is the developer of SteriCoach, a temporarily colored hand disinfectant for the prevention of infections that indicates which parts of the hands are disinfected and which are not.


Ionera provides a universal chip platform for ion-conductance based analytics, used for development and customization of multielectrode cavity array (MECA) chips, nanopore and channel protein reconstitution kits and assays.

inveox GmbH

Inveox develops systems for the digitisation, automation and networking of pathology laboratories, increasing the safety and reliability of cancer diagnoses, and the efficiency and profitability of laboratories.


IQ Medworks

IQ Medworks is a successful service provider for intelligent solutions in the healthcare sector.


One Surgery is the company behind iSurgeon, an augmented reality-based product used to train surgeons for minimally invasive surgery.


As spin-off  of the Technical University of Munich Kumovis develops 3D-printing systems for medical applications, designed to manufacture a high variety of medical products starting from prototyping up to personalized human implants. Their first product, R1 3D printing system is already commercially available. 

Lab-on-Fiber GmbH

Lab on fiber is specialized in the development, commercialization and production of innovative fiber delivery and laser systems to improve outcomes of laser surgery and patient safety.


LaraLab offers full-fledged solution from data processing to automatized analysis based on artificial intelligence, in order to increase patient security and efficiency of latest cardiovascular therapies.


The biopharma startup Lumobiotics is developing anti-cancer & anti-microbial photocontrollable peptidomimetics with their proprietary ON | OFF bioactivity switch to enhance efficacy and safety.

Medical Magnesium

The spin-off from RWTH Aachen University develops metallic bioabsorbable implants for orthopedic and traumatic surgery. A European Health Catapult finalist, Medial Magnesium eliminates the need to remove orthopedic implants after surgery, as they are physiologically degradable after fracture healing.

Medical Templates

Medical Templates develops medical devices for interventional radiology and minimal invasive surgery. Their product, Puncture cube, navigates needles used in CT guided punctures, combining an intelligent planning software with a single use, sterile guidance device.


Metaheps is working on a diagnostic test to diagnose or to exclude drug-induced liver injury, using patient-specific cells, which are produced by means of a patented procedure from a blood sample.


Mindpax is dedicated to the monitoring and improvement of mental and physical well-being. The startup is developing a medical device, which collects long-term data on patients’ patterns of sleep, activity and behaviour and functions as an early warning system for people with depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. 

Moio Care

Moio Care is developing a comprehensive technical support device in the nursing care, a smart care patch. Worn directly on the skin by people in need of care, it automatically collects and interprets sensor information and informs caregivers as soon as there is a concrete need for action via a smartphone app. 

MR Shim

MR Shim  is revolutionizing MRI diagnostic quality through a Plug&Play device based on AI to improve the quality of images by removing noise, background and movement of the patients. 

MukoCell GmbH

MukoCell GmbH has developed the first tissue engineered product and technology, MukoCell, a laboratory-made tissue transplant of oral mucosa cells for the reconstruction of human tissue, bringing advanced therapy medicine in urology on the market.

Munevo GmbH

Munevo is simplifying the everyday life of people with physical disabilities with their Smartglass application that detects head movements and voice commands and then translates these into control signals for the wheelchair.



Nanoleq is developing a new cable technology. Based on a smart layer arrangement of the cable and the use of innovative stretchable and conductive materials, Nanoleq’s electric cables are 100-times more resistant to mechanical wear and tear.


NevisQ has developed a smart sensor system, which allows discreet room activity analysis. The solution is envisioned to be implemented in healthcare facilities, supporting caregivers by detecting falls or deviations in the personal routine of a resident.



Niucare’s product is HealthConnect, a decentralized patient network that provides healthcare providers with secure, interoperable, independent access to individual patient data.


OHDA is a professional medical information management platform offering services such as instant medical help, doctors and treatment abroad and more.


Ormosys is an innovative product in the field of orthopedic insole care. Its Orthopedic Module Insole System is a holistic dynamic body analysis system, combining human gait analysis and other holistic and dynamic measurements.


Pilloxa has developed a platform that consists of an intelligent pillbox, an app and a cloud solution, along with data driven services, facilitating medication adherence. The patient centric adherence platform is teaming up with Bayer AB to further develop digital treatment aids that empower the patient and improve the result “beyond the pill”.

PharmaGenomics GmbH

PharmGenomics develops novel tests for clinical diagnostics in the field of pharmacogenetics and individualized medicine, based on a novel macroarray technology.


The EPFL spin-off Piemacs won the Headstart Grant in 2017 for its idea to use a piezoelectric MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) transducer for a new type of hearing aid, or what they call “contact lens for the ear“.


Portabiles Healthcare Technologies GmbH

Portabiles HealthCare Technologies is developing a mobile sensor system for medical gait analysis, Mobile GaitLab. Placed inside a shoe, Mobile GaitLab is designed to be worn continuously and inconspicuously in everyday life by patients with chronic movement disorders.


Qapsula is a virtual personal assistant, which helps people manage their health, by controlling their health status, providing personal medical recommendations and by connecting them with doctors from a full range of available specializations.


Qolware is the company behind Lola app, the first digital solution developed for commercial smartphones and smartwatches that provides a continuous health and emergency assistance in everyday life and supports you in daily planning.


RAMPmedical is helping doctors find the best possible therapy for every patient, with their scientific therapy decision assistance software for type 2 diabetes treatment. This software brings transparency to treatment decisions and can fully evaluate the possible options to select the best available therapy based on the patient’s diagnosis and vital signs.


ReMeDi is a provider of unique solutions for the healthcare environment, combining leading edge technology and unique designs to deliver an excellent healthcare platform solution.



Sanolibio is developing a fully automated circulating tumor cell (CTC) enrichment platform, called “Walderbach”, as a new benchmark in rare cell isolation from 2020 onwards internationally, enabling early stage cancer diagnostic in a fast, reliable and affordable way for the very first time. 


SensArs Neuroprothetics

EPFL spin-off Sensars Neuroprosthetics is one of the winners of the EIT Health Germany Headstart Award, which developed a bionic prosthesis, SENSY, that has the ability to restore touch and movement sensations from the prosthesis of leg amputees by nerve stimulation.


Simfo GmbH is a research and development facility that has achieved the top levels of expertise in personalised medicine. It focuses particularly on the development of innovative analysis methods in oncological diagnostics in order to optimise patient-specific therapy.


SiTools Biotech designs and produces advanced genetic tools: siPOOLTM for reliable gene silencing, raPOOLTM for targeted RNA affinity purification and riboPOOLTM for efficient ribosomal RNA depletion.

Sleepiz AG

The winner of one of the Regional European Health Catapult Awards and Headstart Awards, Sleepiz offers a secure non-contact multidimensional sleep monitoring and assessment solution, hoping to accelerate sleep disorder diagnosis.


SpinDiag produces a diagnostics platform for on-site use, enabling the rapid and reliable screening of patients for antibiotic-resistant germs at hospital admission. The cost-effective rapid test for resistance is scheduled to be released towards the end of 2019.

Taia Care

Taia Care develops solutions for predicting the best individual treatment for patients with rheumatic diseases, consisting of a smartphone app for patients, and disease assessment and decision-support software for clinicians.


TherapySelect is focused on the development, clinical validation and sale of diagnostic tests for cancer patients. Their product Chemotherapy Resistance Test is an in vitro chemo resistance test on living tumor cells.

Tubulis Technologies

Tubulis generates uniquely matched protein-drug conjugates by combining proprietary novel technologies with disease-specific biology, expanding the therapeutic potential of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) ushering in a new era and delivering better outcomes for patients.

Zendra Health

Zendra Health wants to improve people’s lives and accelerate research into chronic conditions their platform that enables healthcare professionals to build evidence-based Digital Health solutions in just a few clicks and at a fraction of the cost.