Telemedicine in Cancer Care Continuum

Begin: 14:30

Sharing Progress in Cancer Care (SPCC) is organizing the Telemedicine in Cancer Care Continuum: implementation and integration” Conference in May.

SPCC pursues the promotion, coordination and implementation of programmes, projects and initiatives in the field of cancer education, with particular emphasis on scientific progress and innovation in the Cancer Care Continuum.

About the conference:

Telemedicine promises to revolutionize care pathways for cancer patients as modern health systems design and conceptualize new ways to manage the entire Cancer Care Continuum, moving from hospital-centered models of care to a patient-centered, proximity-based approach to care. The fundamental concept is that information and data move, not patients. Prior to Covid-19, the world had experienced an uneven spread of digital health practices in its various applications, ranging from telemedicine to mobile health.
The pandemic has undoubtedly produced an acceleration in the adoption of digital technologies, pushing regions and countries to consolidate projects already in the pipeline, or to move towards a first experience in the application of telemedicine to diagnosis, treatment and care, to limit waiting times and physical contact.

Conference goals:

– To focus on the implementation and integration of telemedicine in the Cancer Care Continuum (e.g., critical success factors, technical barriers and organizational and legal issues)
– To enhance cooperation between clinicians, HCPs and management (integrated and interconnected care team)
– To share patient’s perspective and implications in telemedicine
– To show the best practice experiences at regional/national level


We are happy to announce that Cristian Ochoa-Arnedo from Catalan Institute of Oncology and University of Barcelona will be one of the speakers at the conference. As the activity leader for the “OnCommun” project from our 2020 EIT Health Education portfolio, he will share his insights the digital stepped cancer care continuum: an emergent integrated model among telemedicine.

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