Proposal Writing Support for BP2022


For BP2022 EIT Health Germany offers a row of Proposal Writing Support Sessions and thereby give the proposal teams the opportunity to receive feedback and useful tips for their proposal.

Please note that all sessions will take place in form of online sessions only. 

Who can participate?

Any German CLC partner, who need specific input (and partially hands-on help) on setting up the full Plaza proposal.

What will be covered in the session?

  • Partner specific questions will be answered by either the EIT Health Germany Team and/or external experts
  • Support and recommendations concerning basic set-up in Plaza of relevant content (e.g. consortium, unmet need, solution, competitors), eligibility criteria, commercialization, etc.
  • Support and recommendations concerning the understanding of EIT Health-specific requirements, e.g. Governance, Knowledge Triangle Integration, etc.
  • Plaza IT system help will be provided

How to apply:

Reserve your spot on Doodle HERE

Please note: first come first serve! Deadline to register is 25 February 2021.