Health – The Digital Future

Begin: 09:00-16:00

What does the healthcare turning point cost us?

The experience of a pandemic has changed the view on the issue of health permanently: After Health – The Digital Leaders, In 2020 Handelsblatt and HIMSS provide a controversial platform regarding the digital future of the German health system.

Are we ready to provide framework conditions within the German healthcare system leveraging structural and cultural change?

How do we maintain the wellbeing of patients and healthcare workers while creating a user-friendly digital transformation?

The Event brings together international and national thought leaders to share their input with you and start a conversation about what digital health care should be worth to all of us – as an industry player, as a society and as an economy.

This year coning to you as online health week including live meetings and interactive networking sessions. EIT Health Germany is represented by our Managing Director Dr. Katharina Ladewig who’ll join one of the panel discussions.

Digital programme on 12 and 13 November from 9 am to 4 pm,
personal get-together available on both days from 5 pm at the Handelsblatt Townhall in Düsseldorf.

More information and registration here.

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