4C Accelerator Tübingen


he 4C Accelerator Tübingen helps you to help yourself. This means that we equip you with methods, ways of thinking and tools that you can then use in your entrepreneurial practice in a targeted manner. Therefore, our program consists of two parts:

In the first part, our experts impart knowledge around the 4C relevant for medical life science startups in live sessions and always put this into direct practical relevance with interactive and individual involvement of the participants. To maximize the practical relevance and individual involvement, the pattern of these live sessions is always the same: input – exercise – presentation – feedback and discussion. Therefore, be aware: 4C is not a lean back, 4C is a lean forward event. But it is worth it!

The second part of the program ensures continuous project management: For a period of one year, one of our startup coaches will support you in planning work packages that have emerged from the expert sessions of the first part. The progress will be evaluated in regular project review meetings and the necessary tasks will be derived. This means that you gain an additional human resource for this period, which can contribute to the success of your startup. As soon as you realize that you need deeper input on specific topics, you can ask for our additional startup services without obligation in the next step.


  • For whom? Tailored to the needs of start-ups in the medical life sciences (medical devices, digital health, therapeutics, diagnostics).
  • What?
    • Individual training (17 days with experts on the 4Cs).
    • Individual support after the training (1 year of project management for the 4Cs)
  • Why? Faster way to „Investor Readiness“
  • Costs? Free of charge thanks to funding from the state of Baden-Württemberg
  • Timeline for the next run:
    • Application possible from June 3 to July 22, 2022
    • Selection of participants until September 16, 2022
    • Start of the program on October 7, 2022


The program is funded by the Start-up BW campaign of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the state of Baden-Württemberg, the Stiftung für Medizininnovationen and the B. Braun Foundation.