WildCard challenge winner Orbit Health secures 1.3M EUR funding

Last year´s EIT Health Wild Card winner, Orbit Health, has been selected for the Creation House program by BioInnovation Institute, Denmark.

Orbit Health focuses on the growing challenges in chronic care demand patient-centric solutions. As half the world’s adult population suffers from at least one chronic disease, not only life expectancy is affected but the sustainability of our healthcare system is also challenged. Thus, many countries are changing their current reactive institutional-care model to a more proactive home-care approach, which requires new digital solutions to allow physicians to remotely monitor and perform interventions on an individual level.

The company, therefore, operates with an aim to truly enable early intervention and cost-effective management of chronic conditions by integrating breakthrough digital health solutions into the current clinical workflows and empowering patients to live their best possible life.

Orbit health registered for the EIT Health Wild Card challenge 2020 with Neptune, an AI solution intended to make the treatment of Parkinson’s more efficient and more individualised. The application of this new device-agnostic technology is designed to better assess the patient’s response to treatment, allowing doctors to offer the patient optimised treatment methods to ensure a better quality of life.

Neptune is based on the idea that almost all Parkinson’s Disease patients experience treatment-induced side effects, while symptom control is a key challenge. Motor fluctuations pose a tremendous burden on quality of life (QoL) and cost, increasing by at least 67% per patient. Treatment personalization can’t be done today because doctors are relying on a snapshot of information. 

“Our solution equips clinicians with reliable, continuous, and objective symptom insights that are easy to access to effectively personalise treatments for each patient. Wild Card accelerated our understanding of how our solution fits in the market”. – Patty Lee, CEO and co-founder of Orbit Health

After winning the Wid Card challenge and receiving 1.5M EUR funding in 2020, being selected to the Creation House program by BioInnovation Institute is a new milestone for Orbit Health towards enabling personalized care for people with Parkinson’s Disease through breakthrough digital health and AI innovation. By participating in the program, the company will also get a risk-free convertible loan of 1.3M EUR. With the latest funding, the company is one step closer to its goal of empowering people living with chronic conditions to live life to their fullest.