We have the winners of this year´s edition of the Start-ups Meet Pharma and Healthcare Providers programs!

The 2022 edition of the Start-ups Meet Pharma and Start-ups Meet Healthcare Providers are officially over.

The Start-ups Meet Pharma is a challenge-based acceleration program focused on selecting the most promising health start-ups and scale-ups matching the corporate partners’ innovation needs, to deliver solutions that address quality and affordable healthcare for European patients. This year we partnered up with: Novartis, Boehringer Ingelheim, Sintetica and Takeda.

Congratulations to anvajoVRPharma1DROP Diagnostics and Cardiolyse for being selected winners of the challenges they applied for and we wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavours!

Let´s find out more about the winners:

Anvajo: The Anvajo team has developed a portable device for point-of-care fluid analysis that has the potential to be used in a wide variety of industries. The Anvajo “fluidlab”​ combines two central laboratory technologies: 1. Spectroscopy and 2. Microscopy in one portable diagnostic device. The performance of each test is supported by a custom-designed sample carrier system that functions in processing and delivering the fluid to the analyzer.

VRpharma: VRpharma develops a solution designed for hospital needs with VR content specifically designed to empower patients, giving them an innovative and fun way to escape from scary and painful realities in healthcare. This helps to lower perceived pain, to reduce stress, anxiety and fear levels of patients – changing the experience from stressful and traumatic to fun and enjoyable!

1DROP: 1DROP facilitates the early detection, prevention and management of disease and empowers people to live better lives. Its innovative diagnostic solutions for multiplexed assays of proteins, nucleic acids and peptides serve as tools for the development of new therapies and drugs, disease research, and clinical diagnostic tests.

Cardiolyse: Cardiolyse is a cloud ECG & HRV analytics platform, that enables real-time remote heart health monitoring, providing plain personalized reports, detection and up to two months of data-based prognosis on dangerous heart events.


The Start-ups Meet Healthcare Providers programme is a challenge-based acceleration programme that aims to bring to the table novel ideas that improve the practice of health care and scalable solutions that create transformational change for the field. This year we partnered up with the following healthcare providers: Tartu University Hospital and Sanitas Group.

Congratulations to Thryve for winning the Sanitas challenge and Akara Robotics for being the best fit for Tartu University Hospital challenge.

Let´s find out more about the winners:

Thryve: Thryve connects healthcare organizations with people’s data and provides actionable insights on individuals’ health status. By providing access to health-related data from smartphones, wearables & connected medical products, Thryve helps to improve adherence, effect, and outcome measurability of therapies.

Akara: Akara´s solution is a fleet of robots that can disinfect surfaces and air faster and more effective than current cleaning practices. The feasibility and efficacy of their solution have been validated by independent microbiology labs in multiple peer-reviewed studies.