Tubulis closes a €60 Million Series B Financing Round

Tubulis GmbH closed €60 Million Series B financing to accelerate its ADC pipeline and expand its breadth of platform technologies.

Tubulis generates uniquely matched antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) by combining proprietary novel technologies with disease-specific biology. In more general terms, this means that they use the targeting mechanism of an antibody, that is specific to a certain disease, to deliver an active drug to a specific tissue. This concept itself has been around for a longer time but was still facing problems such as the stability of the conjugate and resulting off-site toxicities. At Tubulis, they have created technology platforms that successfully overcome these issues. Their goal is to expand the therapeutic potential of ADCs ushering in a new era and delivering better outcomes for patients.

How was their journey with EIT Health?

When they started developing the technologies that are the core of Tubulis today, they were fortunate and able to achieve the technological proof-of-concept relatively quickly. However, when the team used the data to apply for various non-dilutive funding opportunities in Germany – they failed at all of them! Although the data itself was very promising and convincing to the members of the juries, they were still lacking the validation of our novel technology within the pharmaceutical industry. Working together with the EIT Health Launch Lab enabled Tubulis to fine-tune its positioning by talking to more than 130 relevant stakeholders that are a part of the EIT Health network, enabling them to secure a total of 3.6 million non-dilutive funding. Thus, the EIT Health Launch Lab is a major starting point and a catalyst for Tubulis’ journey.

About the current investment:

Tubulis completed a €60 million (USD $63 million) Series B financing led by Andera Partners with participation from new investors Evotec and Fund+. All existing investors also participated in the round, including Bayern Kapital (with Wachstumsfonds Bayern 2), BioMedPartners, coparion, High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), OCCIDENT and Seventure Partners. The new capital will be used to advance Tubulis’ proprietary pipeline of uniquely assembled antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), towards clinical evaluation as well as introduce programs addressing a range of solid tumor indications. The proceeds will enable the company to deliver the true therapeutic potential of ADCs through further innovation of novel payload classes and the identification of new cancer targets.

“This funding emphasizes that Tubulis is uniquely positioned to consolidate the findings of the last 20 years in the ADC field and translate this understanding into meaningful therapeutic benefits for patients. We have reached an important inflection point in the development of our platform technologies as well as our pipeline of highly novel protein-drug conjugates and we are now focused on unlocking new avenues in the treatment of solid tumors bringing safe and effective ADCs to patients,” said Dominik Schumacher, PhD, CEO and co-founder of Tubulis. “With this capital in place, we will execute on our growth strategy, including important focus areas for our pipeline and for how we can apply our proprietary technologies, biologic insights and new mechanisms of action to enable the true therapeutic value inherent in targeted therapeutics.”