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The Think Tank is a forum enabling healthcare leaders to come together to help prepare the ground for life-changing innovation. 

World-class ideas are wasted if the world isn’t ready for them. That’s why we engage experts and decision-makers from across all parts of the healthcare sector to explore and assess the most pressing topics. We want to optimise the pathway to innovation and identify opportunities to create a step-change in healthcare delivery.


The EIT Health Think Tank Series will not have a roundtable discussion in 2021.


Past Think Tank Roundtables 


EIT Health Think Tank Topic 2020: Healthcare Workforce and Organisational Transformation with AI – Enacting Change

The challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly already helped accelerate the growth of technology – including AI – in European healthcare systems. However, the broad scaling of AI across systems and countries, which could lead to significant efficiencies, remains rare. The barriers to such scaling were identified in the aforementioned report, and the EIT Health Think Tank planned a national Round Table Series to delve into the change needed on the ground, at health system level. Due to the pandemic the discussions were held in an online-format in 2020.

In exploring the findings from this report with national-level decision-makers representing key AI stakeholders, the 2020 Think Tank Round Table Series sought to establish concrete recommendations to drive greater acceptance of AI and its effective integration into healthcare systems. The insights from these discussions could now help harness this momentum so that AI can continue to benefit the health of European citizens and the systems that facilitate this, both now and in the future.


Read the report

The proceedings from the german Round Table Meetings, as well as the delegate list, are also available should you wish to better understand the discussions at a national level, and who contributed to them:

Read the german summary here.


EIT Health Think Tank Topic 2019: Optimising Innovation Pathways

The EIT Health Think Tank 2019 drove analysis and insight into the innovation pathways across multiple European regions, and provided recommendations for removing barriers and speeding up the process of delivering innovations to patients and citizens. In recent years there has been rapid growth in the field of medical and health technology. This changing landscape poses new challenges in terms of development, validation, implementation, usability and adoption of new health technologies. In light of this ever-changing external environment in which innovative solutions aim to launch, the task of ‘Optimising Innovation Pathways: Future Proofing for Success’ was chosen as the Think Tank’s Roundtable Series topic for 2019.

The German edition of the 2019 EIT Health Think Tank Roundtable focused on healthcare innovation in the field of “Digital Health” and saw broad participation of representatives from the majority of the different actors in the German healthcare system (insurances, payer organisations, patient organisations, providers and innovators). In the context of this roundtable discussion the term “Digital Health Innovation” referred to innovative software-based solutions, medical devices and wellness products, with the panel discussing the current innovation pathway for these innovations in Germany, barriers that exist along this pathway, as well as suggesting, analysing and ranking opportunities for improvement.


To learn more about and read the full report of the 2019 EIT Health Germany Think Tank Round Table please click on this link.

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