The FAU has been researching and teaching in the field of artificial intelligence since 1975.

The Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) is traditionally a strong location for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and pattern recognition. One of the first chairs in this field was successfully established in 1975 by Prof. Heinrich Niemann.

At the Chair of Pattern Recognition, globally acclaimed foundations in the fields of computer vision, speech understanding and medical image analysis were created. After many other focal topics of the AI have established themselves in research at the FAU, the Chair for Machine Learning and Data Analysis was founded in 2017 with own funds and with the help of a Heisenberg professorship of the DFG. John McCarthy, the inventor of the KI, also holds an honorary doctorate from the FAU. On the basis of AI research at the FAU, five research clusters were identified, which are represented in the FAU AI Map.

More than 60 chairs and professorships are currently working on important topics for the AI. The FAU scientists, for example, are dedicated to the basics of mathematics, algorithms, calculation on embedded systems and data security, researching applications of AIs in the fields of medicine, manufacturing and digital humanities, as well as general questions such as the ethics of AIs. The latter is a comprehensive topic, which is being promoted by the Chairman of the German Ethics Council and FAU Professor Peter Dabrock, for example. True to the motto “Knowledge in Motion” at FAU, the cooperation with renowned partners in practice and external research partners such as the Max Planck Institute and the Fraunhofer Institutes brings basic research as well as the four areas of holistic AI, AI in medicine, AI in manufacturing and embedded AI excellently into non-university research and practice.

AI in medicine

AI in medicine is at the interface between computer science and medicine, for which purpose numerous inter-faculty and interdisciplinary joint projects are carried out by scientists from the FAU’s Faculties of Technology and Medicine. In addition, the chairs cooperate with renowned project partners in industry, such as Siemens Healthineers. The research topics in this area range from machine learning for different therapies, imaging techniques and their evaluation to telemedical monitoring. In the field of sports medicine, the FAU is also pushing ahead with the digitization of the healthcare system and AI.

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