The EIT Health Catapult – Register today and join us for the Semifinals

Registrations are open for EIT Health Catapult virtual semi-finals (Oct 21-23), where top European healthcare start-ups will pitch for the chance to acquire an investment and continue accelerating their growth with EIT Health Catapult.

The next stage of the EIT Health Catapult journey is here. Forty-two start-ups have been pre-selected in Europe-wide competitions for EIT Health Catapult Semi-finals. The start-ups will receive intensive training from experts, meet investors and corporates, and compete in pitch contests for a chance to enter the finals in December. Our regional representatives are PhagoMed, LenioBio (BioTech), Cardilink, LivingBrain (Digital Health) PerAGraft, and Amparo (MedTech) for the semi-finals in autumn.

Below, we discover more about them.

LenioBio  – Applying Nature for Better Science

LenioBio is a protein expression platform company committed to the advancement of transformative technology for the discovery, development, and large-scale production of proteins, unconstrained by the limitations of the cell. The start-up is disrupting the way proteins are made with their proprietary cell-free protein production platform, ALiCE®. ALiCE® is fast, versatile, mobile, and rapidly scalable – an ideal PPP: a pandemic preparedness platform – and attributable to a broad range of other applications. “With the belief that every person should have the opportunity to live a healthy and productive life, we apply nature for better science” – Dr. Ricarda Finnern, CSO at LenioBio.

To find out more, follow them on LinkedIn – LenioBio GmbH

PhagoMed  – Killing Bad Bacteria Without Harming the Good Bacteria

“1 in 4 women suffers from bacterial vaginosis, a vaginal infection. Antibiotics are failing to cure it since bacteria are becoming resistant. PhagoMed’s drug works where antibiotics fail and preserve the vaginal microbiome.”Alexander Belcredi, CEO of PhagoMed. 

PhagoMed Biopharma is a biotech company focused on the development of innovative, phage-based treatments against persistent bacterial infections and microbiome dysbiosis. It’s lead program PM-477 is a phage-based lysin active against bacteria of the genus Gardnerella, the lead pathogen in Bacterial Vaginosis. It is being developed as a treatment for patients with recurrent and refractory Bacterial Vaginosis, an area of very high medical need where antibiotics do not work.

To find out more, follow them on Twitter – @phagomed

Amparo  – Enhancing Mobility for Amputees

Using human-centered design, Amparo developed an innovative and adjustable prosthetic socket. Their vision is to empower 90% of the world’s 30 million amputees, giving them access to affordable, high-quality prosthetics with their Confidence Socket. Key differentiated product features: #1 Cost-effective, #2 Faster process, #3 Portable tools for remote use, #4 Off-the-shelf pre-assembled product, #5 Remoldable up to 10 times. Since launching in 2018, the company has worked with over 100 orthopedic clinics and professionals all over the world and changed the lives of hundreds of amputees.

To find out more, follow them on Twitter – @amparo_pros

Peragraft  – Individualized Implants For Cardiovascular Applications

Peragraft develops and produces patient individualized implants for cardiovascular applications. They combine an end-to-end digital process chain with an innovative textile manufacturing process to merge product- and process-based innovation into novel tailored implants using a fast and reliable implant design process that perfectly match the patient’s needs. Combining speed, precision, and simplicity, their goal is to deliver best-in-class treatment through tailored implant solutions defining a new era in patient-centered care.

“We strongly believe that EIT Health Catapult is exactly what we at PerAGraft need to make our vision come true. There are three main aspects that we consider extremely important at our current stage: (1) the network of European players, investors and peers, (2) the great courses and coaching offered during the journey and (3) the opportunity to pitch in front of investors at a European level”.

To find out more, follow them on Twitter – @peragraft

LivingBrain  – Bringing Individual Rehabilitation in VR to the Patient’s Home

Living Brain uses their experience to focus their Virtual Reality based cognitive training, their medical software and their knowledge to help millions of people worldwide to achieve a more fulfilled and happier life for patients, decreased recovery time and support research companies gaining new insights in neuro-rehabilitation.

“Being grown into the EIT Health environment as participants of EIT Health Hackathons and a winner of the Headstart Award in 2019 it was a logical consequence for us to apply for the Health Catapult on our way to growth in Europe. We are looking forward to getting in touch with the right investors and experts from Europe and believe in the outstanding network of EIT Health to support us on our way of transforming cognitive rehabilitation”.

To find out more, follow them on Twitter – @LivingBrainLB

CardiLink  – Lifesaving SMS from the defibrillator

CardiLink GmbH was founded in 2016 as a vendor-neutral surveillance and monitoring service for AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators). The idea originated in university research of the founder identifying the next development steps in the AED market. Today, CardiLink ensures that public access defibrillators from multiple manufacturers can save lives at times of need.

“CardiLink makes sure AEDs work when needed. Our intelligent IoT solution is already installed in more than 20 countries globally, ready to save lives!”

To find out more, follow them on Twitter – @cardi_link

Watch the Semi-finals online

Discover the future game-changers in biotech, medtech, and digital health online during the EIT Health Catapult Semi-finals. Secure your spot via this link.

Dates for the public pitch and matchmaking days of the semi-finals are:

  • Biotech: 21 October 2020
  • Medtech: 22 October 2020
  • Digital Health: 23 October 2020

The full list of semi-finalists is available here.