Successful Aescuvest founding round for swiss start-up Vivior AG closes soon

Together with EIT Health, Aescuvest launched a successful crowdfunding campaign for Vivior AG, which is soon coming to an end. Interested Investors can only join for a few more weeks.

Myopia, also known as short-sightedness, affects people all over the globe. The Swiss company Vivior AG  offers a novel wearable device – the Vivior Monitor – to objectively measure visual behaviour before starting vision correction interventions. The system collects daily activity data from customers and patients, processes this data in the cloud, and analyzes the lifestyle patterns using machine-learning algorithms. This ground-breaking combination allows Vivior to better understand the needs of customers and patients and enables eye care professionals to offer optimal personalised solutions to them. In addition, Vivior develops personalised spectacle, contact and intraocular lenses for vision correction in collaboration with various partners. Based on the generated data the Vivior Monitor can help customers and patients to better vision, well-being and health.


“We are thrilled to offer anybody seeking vision correction the option to receive a truly individual, customized solution. Everybody has a unique viewing lifestyle, therefore needs unique vision correction.”- Paul Soye, PhD, MBA, member of the Board of Directors at Vivior and former Global Head R&D of Alcon Cataract Surgery.


But how does the device actually work?

Currently, cataract and refractive surgeons rely on personal information about visual behaviour communicated by patients either verbally or in written form. The information provided through these surveys may be misleading due to what is known in psychology as Memory Bias. In addition to anecdotal information, the Vivior Monitor combines data from the patient’s behaviour with objective measurements. The patient wears the device during the testing period, and the Vivior Monitor captures information about daily activities, e.g. working on a computer, tablet, smartphone, gardening, driving etc.


About the crowdfunding and how to join

The EIT Health-driven platform Aescuvest enables great health innovations through equity investments. It is the leading platform to foster and fund smart healthcare ideas. Investing in Aescuvest makes developments in health happen. that can have a hugely positive impact on society at large. By making investment rounds publicly available, EIT Health and Aescuvest are using their crowdfunding platform to bring together potential investors from different backgrounds and give citizens the opportunity to invest in solutions that matter to them.

The investment round for Vivior opened through the Aescuvest platform on 21 October 2021. Although the company already raised a huge amount thanks to the Crowdfunding Platform, Vivior AG is still open for investment!

To find out more about Vivior AG and to invest, please visit Vivior EN – Aescuvest.