Startups vs. COVID-19: 11 startups will be competing for the Headstart COVID-19 grant

EIT Health Germany has selected 11 startups fighting to flatten the COVID-19 curve for the next stage of the Headstart Programme for COVID19 solutions.

In response to the growing crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, EIT Health through the Headstart programme, opened a specific call for startups working on digital health solutions with the potential to enable the community and health systems to fill in the gap until COVID-19 vaccines are ready.

Following the evaluation procedure, EIT Health Germany has shortlisted 11 startups that are currently leveraging their medical, innovative, and scientific competencies in the battle against the coronavirus.

ABATON GmbH – Abaton developed an application to enable rheumatic patients to stay in contact with their treating physician during these times. Through simultaneous remote monitoring of CoV symptoms and activity of the chronic rheumatic disease, ABATON provides doctors with a tool to remotely accompany their patients in these challenging times and prepare for a potential next wave.

Climedo Health GmbH – In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Climedo has developed an innovative eDiary solution. This eDiary helps researchers and doctors monitor data trends remotely, maintain a better overview of infections and symptoms, and make informed healthcare decisions and recommendations.

Cyntegrity GmbH – Cyntegrity is a data science technology pioneer in biopharma, offering specialized cloud and SaaS solutions for efficient risk-based quality management and clinical trial monitoring. Cyntegrity’s mission is to offer high-quality analytics that is more predictive than retrospective and can integrate the knowledge from previous trials with contextual, real-world data to reduce patient-risk and optimize clinical operations

geoHealthAppgeoHealthApp is a mobile app which determines the individual risk of infection using the location function.​ Based on your whereabouts within the last 14 days, it determines whether you were in contact with infected persons. 

Henisaja Gmbh / RAMPmedical – RAMPmedical is an evidence and AI based therapy decision support tool that helps doctors to find the best therapy for each patient. It provides doctors with a software solution that supports them in identifying the optimal treatment for each of their patients and avoiding treatment mistakes for diabetes type 2, arterial hypertension, and bacterial community-acquired pneumonia.

Intrepida LLC, Lewes (US), Zweigniederlassung Zürich – Intrepida’s product,, is an AI-powered platform that helps  patients, healthy volunteers and healthcare professionals connect to relevant clinical trials.

LifeTime GmbH – LifeTime GmbH offers one of the leading and most secure solutions for digital communication between parties in the healthcare sector. With LifeTime software, health facilities can exchange data end-to-end with each other (B2B, customers) and with patients (B2C, app users).

nubedian GmbH – nubedian GmbH is a pioneer for web-based software and mobile software applications for hospitals, elderly care organizations, and healthcare information centers. Their product, Caseform, is a web-based platform that automates processes of patient transfer and discharge, relieves the employees and guarantees transparency.

QraGo GmbH – QraGo developed the UBER for our healthcare system. Delegating non-emergency patient transports via the QraGo platform unites all stakeholders in one centralized solution. This not only saves internal resources but also valuable time and money for clinics, ambulances and health insurances. QraGo transparently supports the end-to-end process starting with the order of a transport via execution and documentation up to the accounting.

ScintHealth GmbH – With SmartUV, ScintHealth offers a complete solution for safe and fast disinfection of surfaces within hospitals, medical practices and ambulances. The solution consists of (1) smart ultraviolet C systems that have the means for being aware of humans in proximity (products) and (2) a service for testing and simulating (service) the needed system configurations and irradiation times to guarantee the disinfection of surfaces for different germs including SARS-CoV-2.

Sleepiz AGSleepiz is a Swiss digital health startup in a mission to improve patient outcomes through remote monitoring. They have  developed a device which is simply placed on the bedside table. By making use of radar technology the company monitors vital parameters in a completely contactless and medical accurate manner during sleep. With the use of AI and Machine Learning this data is analyzed for sleep disorders and disease progressions.

Good luck to all!