Startups Meet Pharma 2020: 16 startups join this year’s cohort

The 2020 cohort of Startups Meet Pharma programs has been selected. 16 startups from Germany, Austria, UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Poland, Italy, Finland, Greece, Spain, Estonia and Israel will be working intensely with our key pharma partners in the next 6 months.

We are pleased to announce that 16 startups from Germany, Austria, UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Poland, Italy, Finland, Greece, Spain, Estonia and Israel have been selected for the Startups Meet Pharma 2020 cohort. This year, five challenges have been released in collaboration with four EIT Health Partners: Amgen, Bayer, Beiersdorf and Boehringer Ingelheim. Over the next 6 months, the 16 selected startups will participate in various trainings and workshops, work on their solutions together with the pharma representatives and prepare for the Demo Day in November 2020.

Here are the selected startups per challenge:

Amgen challenge: Choosing the right treatment for Multiple Myeloma patients

Proteona Gmbh (Germany) – Proteona is using single cell proteogenomics to build a database of multiple myeloma tumor responses to various therapies and then mining that database with proprietary AI tools to identify the best treatment option for new cancer patients.

BioXplor LTD (Ireland) – BioXplor Oncology AI is an intelligent state-of-the-art NLP-knowledge discovery and AI-drug discovery platform for oncology.

Real Research Sp. Z oo (Poland) – In vitro screening of potential chemotherapeutics in patient cells grown in 3D on LifeGel to choose the right treatment in one week.

KAZAAM Lab SRL (Italy) – Fill the gap between data and Precision Medicine through decision support based on Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Microservices Software Architectures, bringing to light hidden information from genotype-phenotype data by the analysis of molecular interactions.

Amgen challenge: Encourage continuity in treatment strategy and treatment optimization for post-myocardial infarction patients

Cardiolyse (Finland) – Predictive cardiac analytics cloud platform of completest cardiac signal processing and analysis to automate electrocardiogram interpretation for doctors and serve greater longevity of patients.

Collaborate Healthcare PC (Greece) – Collaborate Health Cloud is a modern patient management & collaboration tool, re-designed from scratch to help doctors reduce errors and increase patient compliance to medical plans by facilitating diagnostic and communication tasks, particularly of those related to team- based diagnosis, error-detection and patient follow up.

Cievert Ltd (UK) – Cievert uses technology to optimize post-discharge pathways by automatically monitoring patients, stratifying risk and providing personalized information.

HumanITcare (Spain) – HumanITcare is an AI digital platform for the follow-up of patients that are under medical treatment with the main purpose of helping physicians to provide better and faster clinical decisions with real-life patient outcomes, which are collected from the patients ‘devices and the passive sensors.

Parsek Information Technologies GmbH (Austria) – Parsek Information Technologies designs and develops user-friendly digital solutions which simplify collaboration in healthcare. Parsek´s Vitaly Care Management Solution is a patient-centric tool that enables care coordination by a Multidisciplinary Care Team, it uses various disease-specific care pathway templates (Care Maps), which can be applied to any chronic disease.

Bayer challenge: Disruptive Gene therapies, cell therapies and delivery technologies for different therapeutic areas

Eukarÿs (France) – Eukarÿs synthetic non-viral gene therapy, the most advanced treatment of which enters the regulatory preclinical phase, is designed to resolve the main obstacles that gene therapy must face, in particular safety, tolerance, efficacy, vectorization immunogenicity and production costs.

Beiersdorf challenge: Improving the condition of diabetic skin

Synoia Technologies LTD (Israel) – Synoia Technologies specializes in developing a product integrating multiple technologies together with treatment capsules for diabetic skin condition.

MyLife Technologies BV (Netherlands) – My Life Technologies is developing a unique technology based on ceramic nanoporous MicroNeedle Arrays (npMNA), which allow to locally deliver antibacterial and antifungal drugs

Boehringer Ingelheim challenge: Portable Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) Diagnostic Tool

eMurmur (Austria) – eMurmur utilizes a low-cost electronic sensor in combination with lung sound AI to enable non-experts to perform ILD screening by integrating it into the existing CE-marked and FDA-cleared eMurmur platform.

ArtiQ (Belgium) – ArtiQ developed AI-based software to help doctors save their time and improve accuracy when diagnosing lung diseases.

IPDx (Estonia) – IPDx is developing a saliva-based point of care test to diagnose ILDs

Carbomed Medical Solutions GmbH (Austria) – Carbomed Medical Solutions is extending its CO2 measurement technology to provide support in detection and monitoring of Portable Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD).


Congratulations to the selected startups and we are looking forward to the start of Module 1 in June 2020.