Startup Rescue Instrument: Open For Applications

Through the new Startup Rescue Instrument, EIT Health aims to alleviate the economic shock posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Startups can now apply to receive up to €500,000 in co-investment from EIT Health in return for options.


Part of the EIT Crisis Response Initiative, the EIT Health Startup Rescue Instrument aims to support highly innovative ventures by increasing investor firepower and bridging the fundraising gap of start-ups in Series A, Series B and bridge-financing rounds. EIT Health will leverage the value of an investor’s commitment and co-invest up to €500,000 in grants for options. For example, if a private investor invests at least €250,000, EIT Health will match this with a €500,000 grant and give the startup a total cash injection of €750,000.

Through this instrument, EIT Health will enable start-ups to attract further investor commitment and propel their venture’s acceleration. In addition to providing a boost to bridge financing rounds, EIT Health will offer selected startups a strong network of partners and introduce them to other opportunities in the EIT Health portfolio programmes.

The call document is available here.

Eligibility criteria:


Start-ups are eligible to apply if their venture meets the following requirements:

  • Investment rounds affected/postponed by the COVID-19 crisis
  • Seeking investment or bridge rounds ≥ €1M
  • Pre-money (of current round) or Post-money valuation (of previous round) ≥ €5M
  • Series A or B, bridge-financing rounds
  • Private investor willing & able to co-invest 50% of value of EIT Health grant
  • TRL ≥ 4 (Biotech); TRL ≥ 6 Medtech/Digital Health
  • Incorporated on or later than 1 January 2013
  • Active in Medtech, Biotech and Digital Health areas. Drug development projects are not eligible.
  • Be an SME According to EU definition
  • Be registered in one of the EU Member States or countries associated to Horizon 2020.

Investor Profile

Start-ups are eligible to apply if their investor meets the following requirements:

  • Private investors already present or new to capitalization table engaged in investment negotiations with start-ups whose fundraising rounds have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Private investors including but not limited to: Business Angels, Super Angels, Corporate VCs, VCs, family offices and other equity investment partners who could support current or target portfolio start-ups
  • The investor will need to provide start-up with evidence of ability and willingness to co-invest at least 50% of EIT Health grant-for-equity requested under current terms to be submitted with application. The higher the private co-investment the more competitive the application.
  • Willingness to support start-ups growth by covering all other cost categories, in order to enable EIT Health funding to cover innovation/ project expenses

Application period: 14 May – 1 June 2020

Application form link: