Start-ups Meet Healthcare Providers announces the 2022 cohort

EIT Health RIH Germany-Switzerland welcomes 7 start-ups from across Europe to the 2022 edition of the Start-ups Meet Healthcare Providers programme.

The Start-ups Meet Healthcare Providers programme is a challenge-based acceleration programme that aims to bring to the table novel ideas that improve the practice of health care and scalable solutions that create transformational change for the field. This year two healthcare providers, Tartu University Hospital and Sanitas Group released challenges to jointly organize this year’s edition of the programme.

We are now pleased to announce that we have selected 7 start-ups that address this year´s challenges.

Over the course of the following months, the start-ups from across Europe will take part in various training and workshops, spend dedicated time with the healthcare provider representatives to work on their solutions, and prepare for the Demo Day in September 2022.

Here are the selected start-ups per challenge:

Tartu University Hospital: Autonomous disinfecting solutions to assist in cleaning hospitals

PCN Materials: PCN Materials offers a flexible, inexpensive and swift protection solution by proposing to apply photocatalytic spray coatings on drapes and curtains, and/or wall/ceilings wet paint application, proven on disrupting Bacteria and viruses.

Delox: Delox is a spin-off of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (FCUL), whose goals consist of the design of a vast portfolio of compact automatic bio-decontamination equipment. Target applications include laboratory equipment bio-decontamination, hospital rooms, as well as delivering bio-decontamination in biodefense, disaster relief and space sectors.

Climates Health Tech: Climates Health Tech offers an automatic room and equipment disinfection with online process monitoring and quality documentation.

Akara: Akara´s solution is a fleet of robots that can disinfect surfaces and air faster and more effective than current cleaning practices. The feasibility and efficacy of their solution have been validated by independent microbiology labs in multiple peer-reviewed studies.

Sanitas Group: Big Data and AI for wearables´ data analysis and personalised health recommendations generation

Topazium: Topazium provides artificial intelligence services to all players in the healthcare arena, including academic institutions, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies. These services include data processing, encoding and access to advanced deep learning solutions.

Thryve: Thryve connects healthcare organizations with people’s data and provides actionable insights on individuals’ health status. By providing access to health-related data from smartphones, wearables & connected medical products, Thryve helps to improve adherence, effect, and outcome measurability of therapies

Algonaut: Algonaut is an expert in economic analysis, where they bring together traditional econometrics with new machine learning algorithms. While machine learning algorithms can be a powerful tool, they can rarely be used for causal analysis. At Algonaut, they have the combined knowledge of machine learning and classical econometrics to always choose the appropriate approach for a given challenge.

Congratulations to the selected start-ups and we are looking forward to welcoming you to the programme!