Startups Meet Healthcare Providers 2021

Are you ready to engage with start-ups?

Healthcare providers across Europe are moving towards integrated healthcare solutions with enhanced value to patients while needing to adhere to financial sustainability. Innovation is increasingly a collaborative endeavour, with organizations looking outside of their workforce for inspiration. At EIT Health Germany, we want to facilitate this process.

Are you a European healthcare provider looking to deliver a consumer-centric healthcare experience? Do you aim to provide enhanced value to patients?

We are actively recruiting healthcare providers, public & private hospitals, municipal health authorities and health insurances to take part in the 2021 edition of our programme. Join us on this journey and make innovation happen.

Startups Meet Healthcare Providers programme

  • offers you access to solutions from the forefront of technological development,
  • connects you to innovative startups from all over Europe,
  • enables you to work hand-in-hand with them as they apply their product, service or technology to your custom needs.

The Programme

  • is a challenge-based accelerator programme
  • is open to healthcare providers from all over Europe (Public & private hospitals, Municipal health authorities, Health insurances involved in healthcare delivery, Other healthcare providers/payers) who set pre-defined challenges from their day-to-day work in clinical practice
  • selectively scouts for, pre-vets and trains innovative start-ups from all over Europe who can provide ready-made or custom-made solutions to the providers’ needs

How it works

  • Challenge-Selection & Startup scouting: Healthcare providers release their challenges and receive a custom list of pre-qualified and pre-vetted startups.
  • Training & Matchmaking Modules: Start-ups receive trainings in various topics and get 1:1 meetings with the healthcare providers.
  • Programme Outcomes & Follow-up: Startups and healthcare providers work hand-in-hand to test the solution locally throughout the programme and afterwards

What is in it for you?

  • Issue one challenge from within your organisation to be tackled by high-quality start-ups from all over Europe
  • Be directly involved in the selection process of the start-ups receiving access to the programme
  • Receive “warm introductions” to start-ups wholly aligned with your innovation strategy
  • Showcase your company’s innovation capacity to EIT Health’s pan-European start-up community in the media, workshops, 1:1 meetings, and during the roadshow
  • Train your staff in modern innovation methodology and foster their entrepreneurial spirit
  • Access to pitches and comprehensive information about the participating start-ups
  • Network with like-minded industry colleagues


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