Start-ups Meet Healthcare Providers 2021

Start-ups Meet Healthcare Providers 2021

Healthcare providers across Europe are moving towards integrated healthcare solutions with enhanced value to patients while needing to adhere to financial sustainability. Innovation is increasingly a collaborative endeavour, with organisations looking outside of their workforce for inspiration. At EIT Health Germany, we want to facilitate this process.

The challenge-based programme brings together in one frame (i) healthcare providers posing specific problems that hinder their effective and best possible provision of care and (ii) start-ups developing innovative technologies and services representing potential solutions for the selected challenges.

In 2021 Children’s University Hospital Latvia, University Hospital Centre Sisters of Charity and Diakonie Baden-Württemberg released challenges and we are now accepting applications until 3 September 2021. For a full description of the challenges, click here.

Programme structure

  • Module 1 (11-15/10/2021): 5 days “Entrepreneurship & Market Access Training”. Start-ups will receive tailored workshops on different tools and methods to successfully build their business.
  • Module 2 (25-29/10/2021): 5 days of workshops by healthcare providers involved in the programme on how to collaborate with big players in the market.
  • Module 3 (22-26/11/2021): Start-ups will visit selected healthcare providers involved in the programme to discuss collaboration opportunities.
  • Module 4 (November 2021): Demo Day. Start-ups pitch in front of healthcare providers representatives, investors, EIT Health partners, stakeholders.

What's in it for you?

  • Be directly involved in the selection process and work hand-in-hand with start-ups as they apply their product, service or technology to your custom needs.
  • Showcase your company’s innovation capacity to EIT Health’s pan-European start-up community and network with like-minded individuals
  • Access solutions from the forefront of technological development, while training your staff in modern innovation methodology and fostering their entrepreneurial spirit

How it works

  • Challenge-selection & Start-up Scouting:
    Healthcare providers release their challenges and receive a custom list of pre-qualified and pre-vetted start-ups.
  • Training & Matchmaking Modules:
    Start-ups receive training in various topics and get 1:1 meetings with the healthcare providers.
  • Programme Outcomes & Follow-up:
    Start-ups and healthcare providers work hand-in-hand to test the solution locally throughout the programme and afterwards

Challenge #1

The telematics infrastructure (TI), which connects all players in the healthcare system, continues to gain momentum and become more complex. In this context, the secure exchange of information across sectors and systems as well as the long term protection of sensitive data plays a central role. The ideal solution is a tool that allows the communication and handling of data between the different players, fulfilling the necessary medical and regulatory standards. Diakonie Baden is looking for innovative solutions, e.g. apps on prescription or similar health apps that can be approved as a medical device in several (partial) products according to MDR and integrated into standard care via reimbursement.

Challenge #2

Online health communities are rapidly increasing their presence and relevance in the healthcare setting. If built and used in the correct way, they can offer an efficient way to collect information on unmet medical or social needs, highlight shared problems in specific groups, facilitate patient engagement or help in opinion-forming, among others. The ideal solution would provide a secure digital communication space for families, patients, and other stakeholders (for example Patient and Family councils) in relation to different diseases, health interests, etc. and ideally also the collection of information regarding their needs.

Challenge #3

Failure to adhere to prescribed medication regimens is one of the principal reasons patients don’t achieve the expected outcomes from their treatment. According to the 2003 World Health Organization (WHO) report on medication adherence, among patients suffering from chronic diseases in developed countries, adherence averages only 50%. This challenge is looking for an innovative tool, technology solution (e.g. pillboxes, inhalers, injection pens, tracking devices), or applications for identifying, monitoring and optimizing patients’ adherence and feedback to the physician.


Attend one of our webinars to learn more about the Start-Ups Meet Healthcare Providers programme, including timelines and the selection process.

  • 14 July 2021 (11:00 AM CET)
  • 1 September 2021 (11:00 AM CET)

The recording from the first webinar is available here.

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Do I need to have had previous contact with EIT Health or have participated in a programme in the past in order to apply for the SMHCP programme?

No, it is not a requirement. Whether you have been in contact with EIT Health or not, the process is the same: you must apply through the following platform.

Will the programme have any cost for my startup?

No, the programme is completely free of charge. In case you have to travel for a meeting with the healthcare providers during the program, EIT Health will provide a grant to cover the costs. What we ask in return is commitment and engagement for the duration of the programme.

I have a solution for a challenge, but it still requires some changes (e.g. languages offered or some other details), can I apply?

Yes, the main requirement is your solution contributes to tackling the challenge. In case you are selected, during the meetings with health providers, you can clarify the needs of both parties and decide on the next steps or modifications.

Am I obliged to collaborate with the provider if selected?

No, not at all. Neither party is obliged to enter into a partnership in this programme. The optimal environment for a collaboration to develop will be provided, but whether or not this happens, and the conditions of the collaboration, will be exclusively decided by the parties involved.

Can I apply for more than one challenge?

No, during the application you will have to choose one of the challenges and explain how your solution can address it. However, during the programme, you will have the opportunity to meet the owners of the other challenges and have meetings with them to present your solution as well.


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