Smart4Diagnostics gains Sarstedt as a new strategic investor

As part of the Series A financing round, SARSTEDT AG & Co. KG becomes a strategic investor in Smart4Diagnostics.


The Munich-based start-up was founded in 2018 as part of the EIT Health Wild Card Challenge. The idea behind Smart4Diagnostics is to digitise the entire blood sampling procedure, thus ensuring a seamless tracking of blood samples. In this process, S4DX designs a digital “fingerprint” of the collected human samples that is unambiguously assigned to a patient.

After the sample has been taken, the software registers and checks the whole process. The software monitors whether all the tubes required for the order have been filled, the filling volume, time of collection and correct label adhesion, thus assuring the quality of the samples in real-time from the time point of blood collection at the doctor’s office until sample arrival in the lab. The data is then instantly reported into the laboratory whilst the patient is still present. This increases efficiency and lab-turnaround time for the labs, ensures reliability of the data for decision-making and reduces costs for the healthcare professionals and trustworthy diagnostic results for the patients.

In August 2021, SARSTEDT AG & Co. KG, a leading medical technology producer of consumables and equipment for diagnostic and scientific applications, announced the strategic investment in the Munich based start-up Smart4Diagnostics GmbH as part of a Series A financing round. The investor round was led by SARSTEDT and the EIC set up by the European Commission in 2020 for direct equity investments in breakthrough technologies. Flick Gocke Schaumburg has advised SARSTEDT in the investment and the partnership.

The primary goal of both our companies is to optimise the pre-analytical process and sample quality as a basis for decision-making for faster and more accurate patient treatment. The partnership with Smart4Diagnostics offers our customers a completely new way to ensure sample quality from collection to arrival at the laboratory and, if necessary, to optimise processes, which ultimately benefits patients through faster and more accurate results.“, says Rainer Schuster, Chief Sales/Research & Development Officer at SARSTEDT. (Source)

SARSTEDT and Smart4Diagnosticis will now join forces to further develop the preanalytical process and the sample quality so it can serve as a basis for decision making, enabling faster and more precise patient treatment.