Sleepiz recently raised €4M to aid patients with chronic respiratory diseases

EIT Health Catapult winner 2019, Sleepiz, raises 4 Million Euros in Series-A funding round


Sleepiz was established with the aim to deliver patient-centric disease management directly into people´s homes. The Zürich-based startup utilizes its detailed insights into sleep patterns and combines it with the use of a device that may be put on the bedside table. The non-contact device (Sleepiz One) monitors movements coming from heart contractions, breathing patterns as well as body motions with medical-grade reliability and analyses them using artificial intelligence. Due to its close contact with people’s daily lives, Sleepiz pays a lot of attention to customer protection and privacy. The company became one of the first healthcare startups in Switzerland to receive ISO 27701 certification for its handling of private information.


“Sleepiz pursues a compelling vision of making vital sign monitoring touchless, which is a paradigm shift in the industry and paves the way for a new future of healthcare.”  Steffen Wagner, co-CEO of Verve Ventures


The company’s long-term goal is to enhance people´s lives by offering a new form of remote healthcare. Sleepiz’s current research focuses on respiratory diseases and the development of sleep apnea screenings, that can help to diagnose a larger percentage of affected patients. Currently, about 80 percent of the approximately 1 billion affected people worldwide, remain undiagnosed. Based on the startup´s experience with constant remote monitoring and prompt interventions, chronic respiratory diseases, which are one of the main causes of death globally, could be prevented. The newly acquired investment will be used to help Sleepiz expand its existing portfolio.

The new generation of Sleepiz One, Sleepiz One Connect, combines more measures and an upgraded telehealth platform for more practical insights. The Sleepiz Telehealth Platform enables caregivers to recognize and act on patient deterioration before it is too late with the remote monitoring of patient breathing rates and patterns combined with SpO2 readings. Comprised of experienced professionals, the CARE telehealth team offers an additional degree of security by monitoring patients 24/7. Sleepiz has already completed its clinical studies in the DACH market with success and now plans to expand into the rest of Europe and the United States.

Prior to the current investment, Sleepiz has already raised a pre-Seed round of approximately €278K and a Seed round of approximately €959K, which contributed to the introduction of Sleepiz One. Moreover, Sleepiz has obtained non-dilutive funding of approximately €2.77M from Innosuisse, Eurostar, H2020, EIT Health (Bridgehead 2019), Volkswirtschaftsstiftung, DeVigier, and numerous additional awards. Through the EU’s HORIZON 2020 EUROSTAR grant Sleepiz received $500k in funding earlier this year to enable the future of sleep diagnostics.