RAMPmedical launches therapy decision support tool for COVID-19

Winning the EIT Health Headstart award for COVID-19 solutions enabled RAMPmedical to extend its therapy decision support tool and enable healthcare professionals to find the right treatment for COVID-19.

RAMPmedical is part of a digital health movement in Germany aiming to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. The start-up develops a therapy decision support tool that helps clinicians find the right treatment for the patient and stay up to date with the latest research and drug information. This software brings transparency to treatment decisions and can fully assess the possible options in order to select the best available therapy based on the patient’s diagnosis and vital signs. RAMPmedical analyzes current treatment guidelines and medical research and presents the results in an accessible manner so that clinicians can understand the information and avoid errors.

How does it work? The doctor inputs a patient’s data, such as demographics, lab results, pre-existing conditions, and medication, into the app. For convenient access, RAMPmedical is available as a desktop or mobile website, as an Android application, or it can be easily integrated into a hospital’s or clinic’s IT system, in which case the patient’s medical history and data will already be available. The app returns therapy suggestions, including the type of medicine and dosage, as well as the desired effects, possible side effects, and risks of interaction.

In June 2020 RAMPmedical was one of the four start-ups selected for funding the EIT Health Headstart Award for COVID-19 solutions. The aim of the grant was to adapt their therapy decision support tool for COVID-19. The start-up started working on their version for antibacterial treatment for community acquired pneumonia, one of the biggest complications of coronavirus and adapted its current therapy decision support software to the pandemic. For example, if a patient has other diseases, doctors can treat them and treat COVID-19 at the same time, while considering all the possible comorbidities of the patient. They are also working on supporting all the possible complications and future treatments for COVID-19.

As part of the Headstart grant RAMPmedical will offer their app for free to all healthcare professionals until the end of the year.