RAMPmedical achieves compliance with ISO 13485

Helping doctors identify the optimal therapy for their patients and avoid treatment mistakes is RAMPmedical’s vision. The winners of the Ship for Health Innovation Pitches 2019 are now closer to making this a reality.


Proper medication is the foundation of medical treatment, but wrong medication is still a common problem, according to the World Health Organization. The Berlin-based startup is now introducing a tool for better therapy decisions.

RAMPmedical released in June 2019 its first version of the evidence-based decision support software for doctors that treat diabetes patients. The software, taking into account current treatment guidelines and medical research, specifies the therapies available on the market based on patient-related parameters. In addition, RAMPmedical compares product features, medical guidelines, and clinical trials to filter out any therapies that are not appropriate for a given patient because of contraindications or interactions.

RAMPmedical are now moving to the next step and have successfully achieved compliance with the high ISO 13485 standard. Their therapy decision support tool is now registered for class 1 of the current medical device regulation.

Read more about their announcement here.