Open call: Franco-German Call for Innovation projects on AI for Risk prevention, Crisis manangement and Resilience

Germany and France have launched a joint call for funding for innovation projects in the field of artificial intelligence.

New challenges and opportunities for AI solutions arise from the health and economic crisis that the world is currently facing due to the corona pandemic. AI solutions can promote the development of new products and services with which, for example, the healthcare system can be modernised, logistic chains secured or production systems redesigned.

France and Germany will intensify their cooperation in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a new call for funding aimed to strengthen the joint research and innovation network and expand the joint AI ecosystem. The objective is to bring about new AI solutions to make our world more resilient to crises of all kinds (health, climate, etc.), which are likely to happen more frequently.

This joint call is directed towards applied Franco-German research and innovation projects on artificial intelligence technologies for risk prevention, crisis management and resilience. With the aim to explore how AI could help to create solutions to detect and anticipate crises in the near future and minimise their impact by providing support with decision-making and automation.

Fields of application:

  • Health issues – Major health issues include early detection of epidemics, care of the population and crisis management.
  • Economic issues – AI applied to the economy should enable economic sovereignty, improve economic impact assessment and help to secure value chains and logistics.
  • Sustainability issues – Fighting against climate change, protecting biodiversity, using fewer resources and producing less waste are measures that contribute to crisis prevention, but also to society being more resilient to future crises and to a more competitive economy.


The project proposal must fulfil the eligibility criteria common to the two funding agencies, as well as the criteria specific to each agency. Project proposals that do not meet the eligibility criteria, whether common to the two agencies or unique to each, cannot be funded.


Project proposals will be selected on the basis of a two-stage competition. Full project proposals are only necessary at a national level and in the official language of the country to which they are being submitted. Projects can only be funded if both funding authorities agree on funding.


The intended overall funding budget is €10 million in Germany and €10 million in France.

Deadline for submission of project proposals: 29 April 2021 at 12 pm.

The official call is available on the following link.

For further information, please contact Nandor Gaus, Innovation & Project Manager at EIT Health Germany –