New podcast series Shaping the future of European healthcare launches with Alexander Belcredi

Welcome to the first episode of our podcast series “Shaping the future of European healthcare”, in collaboration with Faces of Digital Health!

We are happy to announce that we just started our podcast series Shaping the future of European healthcare. For this podcast series, we partnered up with Faces of Digital Health, which explores the speed at which healthcare systems around the world are adopting digital transformation. The podcast’s primary goal is to share the insight required to facilitate the necessary discussion that will start improving healthcare on a global scale.

The podcast series is hosted by Tjaša Zajc, a former healthcare journalist with a passion for digital health. She regularly explores how different cultures and people alike, approach the complexities of healthcare around the world.



Are you curious about what the first episode has to offer?

Antimicrobial resistance is a global problem related to the overuse of antibiotics and the lack of development of new ones. Many solutions are entering the market to address the issue, for example, software solutions to identify and predict antibiotic-resistant infections and help prescribers with more accurate prescribing of antibiotics. In this episode, we dive into antimicrobial resistance from the point of antibiotic development.

Antibiotics are not appealing to the pharmaceutical industry. From a business perspective, the reason is that new antibiotics are intended for the fraction of all patients. So if you developed a drug, that was meant to be used as a last resort by clinicians after they tried all other options. The practice was to try to avoid using these new medications if not absolutely necessary. Among the problems with antibiotics is the fact that many are very broad-spectrum, used to kill several different types of bacteria.

It is a bit scary to understand that we are running out of antibiotics that are still working, and so we need new superheroes in that fight against antibiotic resistance. And definitely phages and phage derived entities are one potential avenue where these could come from.”.-Alexander Belcredi, managing director of BioNTech R&D Austria.

So, in the first episode of Shaping the future of European healthcare, we are going to change the paradigm of antimicrobial treatment. What if you could target harmful bacteria more precisely? You will hear about this from Alexander Belcredi, managing director of BioNTech R&D Austria.

Listen to the podcast here.