New cooperation between RAMPmedical and Siemens Healthineers

EIT Health Headstart Covid-19 solution winner RAMPmedical announces new cooperation with EIT Health Germany partner Siemens Healthineers.

RAMPmedical‘s multiple EU award-winning Clinical Decision Support Software RAMP has been integrated into Siemens Healthineers’ teamplay digital health platform connect. This platform provides all the hospital’s patient data in such a way that RAMP can scan it (for risks, therapies, etc.) and provide the recommendations based on guidelines and studies, which are transferred back to the hospital.

The following example described by RAMPmedical illustrates the great benefit of this project:

The doctor has to search the medical history to determine whether a certain drug is suitable. He finds something problematic and now has to check what the current treatment guideline says about it. Then he has to transfer everything into the hospital system and into RAMP. Alternatively, he has too little time to do this and the patient has to live with the risk.

This example is not just a hypothetical scenario, but a reality for many hospital staff. The automatic transfer of patient data in RAMP simplifies hospital workflows immensely. As a result, this data no longer has to be transcribed or typed out from the hospital system. The result: doctors and nurses have more time for their patients.

Data management is a very time-consuming process, especially when nothing crucial should be overlooked. Through the cooperation between RAMPmedical and Siemens Healthineers, the time that hospital staff would spend on this can be used for patients.


In 2020, RAMPmedical received funding for their Covid-19 solution as part of the Headstart programme along with three other start-ups. In April 2021, we got in touch with them and wrote an article about their unique journey:

One Year On: EIT Health Headstart Covid-19 Winners

RAMP is a clinical decision support system that helps doctors make confident treatment decisions in specific endocrinology and cardiology areas. The software analyses current treatment guidelines and medical research and presents the results in a way that clinicians can understand the information and avoid errors. The software functions as a user interface and alert system for doctors. The RAMP software scans the patient data and checks whether the patient is receiving the best individual therapy and warns the doctor what and why something could be harmful or what and why something could be a better alternative.