Nandor Gaus appointed as Managing Director of EIT Health RIH Germany-Switzerland

Effective 1 February 2022

The Board of EIT Health Germany GmbH is pleased to announce the appointment of Nandor Gaus as Managing Director, EIT Health RIH Germany-Switzerland, effective 1 February 2021. Mr. Gaus has been an active contributor to the EIT Health community since 2018, led the Hub’s Innovation Pillar and recently took over the new Collaboration Lead role for the German and Swiss regional ecosystem.

“With Nandor Gaus, the RIH Germany-Switzerland is going to have a highly qualified person well suited to take on the MD role. Nandor is very familiar with the needs and requirements of our partners and our entire network. He knows all the operations very well and is living the EIT Health vision for better healthcare that we all want to realize with our partnership. Including Nandor’s background of nearly 15 years of work in large corporations in the MedTech and communication sector, he has an excellent understanding of the exploration of regional strengths with regard to the implementation of pan-European initiatives. Nandor was running as Deputy Team Lead long before, and we are delighted that all this will now ensure an efficient leadership transition for the Hub. This is needed all the more because times for EIT Health are exciting and challenging at the same time. Nandor enjoys the trust of both the RIH team and the partners, and he is well anchored in the cooperation with the European association. We are convinced that Nandor will do a fantastic job to the benefit of all our stakeholders.” says Prof. Freimut Schliess (Chairman of the Board of EIT Health Germany).


With his appointment to the role of Managing Director RIH EIT Health Germany-Switzerland, Nandor Gaus succeeds Dr. Katharina Ladewig as lead of the RIH Team. Dr. Ladewig will continue to manage the EIT Health Germany GmbH and its non-EIT Health programmes for a further short transition period.