Meet the Neurotechprize finalists!

After pre-selection by the jury, ten start-ups have been selected to progress to the finals of neurotechprize.

The neurotechprize, run by EIT Health and Biogen together, accelerates maturity and/or market access of the most promising solutions and technologies addressing the challenge of Alzheimer’s disease in Germany.

As populations continue to age rapidly, Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has become one of the most pressing concerns for healthcare in the 21st century and a real societal burden. EIT Health and Biogen are searching for simple tech to deep tech solutions that can help improve the quality of life for those impacted by Alzheimer’s disease.

The jury selected the ten finalists by assessing their proposed solutions against the following criteria:

  • Accelerating the diagnostic pathway: Helping provide tools that shorten the time-consuming diagnostic pathway.
  • Improving disease monitoring: Putting forward a solution to measure and analyse meaningful data that reflects the patients’ individual disease progression.
  • Easing burden on patients: Bringing a patient-centred solution easing the burden for patients during the complex diagnosis and therapy pathway.
  • Maintaining the quality of life: For Alzheimer’s patients and their families, it is crucial to maintain their quality of life while living with the disease. Also, behavioural disturbances related to Alzheimer’s (apathy, depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc.) pose an enormous challenge.

The selected start-ups have started in the middle of February their three-month intensive coaching programme with expert business and science mentors, to be prepared for the finals.

We are happy to announce that 3 start-ups from our ecosystem secured a place for themselves at the finals.

Let’s meet our finalists!

ichó systems, Germany: The ichó therapy device playfully trains the cognition and motor skills of people with dementia to improve the quality of life not only of the patient but also of the caregiver.

OptiChroniX, Switzerland: A prescribed digital therapeutic for patients, providing personalised interventions through an AI-powered coach adapted to elderly people with cognitive disabilities.

PeakProfiling, Germany: Based on strong clinical evidence, PeakProfiling is introducing voice-based diagnostics for ADHD in adults, detecting diseases from the sound of the human voice, through a short phone call. Their solution can solve the major shortcomings in today’s ADHD diagnostics: providing an accurate diagnosis for everyone, speeding up the diagnostic process to 1 Minute, allowing for personalised treatment and enabling thorough treatment response monitoring.


Congratulations to the selected teams and we wish you the best of luck at the neurotechprize finals on 3 May!