MedTech Category: Meet the EIT Health Catapult regional finalists: Amparo, InLine-Med, Deepc and Peragraft.

13 finalists were chosen for this year’s Regional Selection of the EIT Health Catapult. Here are the shortlisted candidates from the MedTech Category: Amparo, InLine-Med, Deepc and Peragraft.

On 26 May 2020 we are hosting the Regional Selection of EIT Health Catapult and this year the exciting pitch competition will include 13 promising startups from across Europe. Meet the four MedTech teams and learn more about their projects:

InLine- Med

Product/service idea in 50 words or less: InLine-Med GmbH combines intelligent positioning algorithms, innovative surgical guidance and optimized biopsy needles to increase efficiency, accuracy and safety during cancer diagnosis and treatment. The correct placement of the needle within the body is the core. By using Inline navigator, similar to a GPS for cars, the radiologist is able to select a start position and a destination and is then easily guided to the desired target.

Origins of the idea: During our master Medical Systems Engineering in Magdeburg (Germany) we were in many surgeries and saw the complexity of procedures for cancer diagnosis and treatment. Then we decided to find solutions and evolved from an idea within the surgery up to a complete assistance system developed in cooperation with clinicians.

Key differentiated product features: We are bringing artificial intelligence and high technology to make cancer diagnosis and treatment more efficient, accurate and safe without paying more.

Reasons for applying to EIT Health Catapult: We aim to expand our network within Europe and gain visibility for further investment and cooperation. Furthermore, we learn a lot from the EIT Health Catapult coaching to continuously improve our companies visibility.

Future plans & ambitions. What’s next? We are seeking for an investment to implement the production, certify our products and launch them in the EU. We want to be the GPS of interventional radiology to bringing the needle easy and safe to the desired target without paying more.


Product/service idea in 50 words or less: Amparo is redefining prosthetic socket technology. The Confidence Socket is an innovative off-the-shelf product that was created to provide a more streamlined, faster, and more economic fitting process.

Origins of the idea: In 2014, our journey with the innovation of the Confidence Socket started as a university design thinking project, with two field research trips to South Africa and Brazil. We gathered insights on the problem definition and the reasons behind the lack of prosthetics access to amputees in the context of developing countries, which are mainly the lack of trained personnel and the right infrastructure. Further research was continued in Germany and the conclusion we came up with was that similar problems exist as well in developed countries; traveling long distances to reach orthopedics workshops on different occasions, and changing the Socket often as the stump volumes change. It took the founding team almost three years to come up with the final product prototype of the Confidence Socket.

Key differentiated product features: #1 Cost-effective, #2 Faster process, #3 Portable tools for remote use, #4 Off-the-shelf pre-assembled product, #5 Remoldable up to 10 times.

Reasons for applying to EIT Health Catapult: We aspire to refine our impact and business strategies, expand our networks and reach within the European Community, and invite investors to our mission. EIT Health Catapult will help us connect with like-minded teams and organizations, and inspire us to continue with our vision towards a more resilient, empathetic, and inclusive European community.

Future plans & ambitions. What’s next? Our future plans are to invest more in our Research and Development to widen the product portfolio on the basis of our current technology. We are also expanding our sales and marketing strategies to find more distribution partners worldwide and boosting our direct sales in the EU. Our ambitions are high. We aim to give affordable access to our technology to everyone around the globe.

Product/service idea in 50 words or less: deepc is using AI to analyze medical images to detect and highlight anomalies and triage patients in real-time. At the same time, deepc supports radiologists to identify patients without any pathological findings. This allows a radiologist to prioritize their work, reduce errors, and work more efficiently.

Origins of the idea: While doing their MSc in Data Science at LMU in Munich in 2018, the co-founders Julia Moosbauer, a then-recent graduate in mathematics, and Dr Franz Pfister, who had worked previously as a medical doctor, came up with the idea. Both were driven by the vision to use machine learning to support doctors and to prevent medical errors.

Key differentiated product features: deepc is training its AI models on data of healthy patients. This allows our models to work disease agnostic and, therefore, be relevant to for all patients.

Reasons for applying to EIT Health Catapult: Last year we have been part of the EIT Health MedTech Bootcamp and made it to the finals in Paris. Inspired by the other participants, the outstanding EIT network, and the overall experience of the Bootcamp we were able to further work on our idea and wanted to come back this year to present deepc to a bigger audience.

Future plans & ambitions. What’s next? Currently, we have developed a first use case for CT brain. In the future, we want to expand to other body regions and modalities. Also, we are planning to not only support radiologists in the screening process but to integrate more algorithms to streamline the whole reporting workflow. Part of this will be the release of deepcOS that will allow integrating and rapidly deploying (third-party) AI algorithms into the clinical workflow.


Product/service idea in 50 words or less: PerAGraft aims to develop and produce patient individualised implants for cardiovascular applications. We combine an end-to-end digital process chain and an innovative manufacturing process. Our approach is to merge product- and process-based innovation into novel tailored implants.

Origins of the idea: The idea originated from a research project in 2012 in which we asked ourselves, how we could possibly build patient individualised implants for soft tissue applications in an easy way and establish a scalable, reliable production process.

Key differentiated product features: Our key differentiation is the combination of an easy to use design process and a very fast production of only a few days instead of several weeks it takes to date. Our PerAGrafting technology enables us to individualise our products at three levels – product geometry, structure and mechanics.

Reasons for applying to EIT Health Catapult: We strongly believe that EIT Health Catapult is exactly what we at PerAGraft need to make our vision come true. There are three main aspects that we consider extremely important at our current stage: (1) the network of European players, investors and peers, (2) the great courses and coaching offered during the journey and (3) the opportunity to pitch in front of investors at a European level. This is exactly what we need at this point, in order to secure our first round of financing. It will enable us to grow the company to deliver a more patient-centred care through cost-effective individualised implants.

Future plans & ambitions. What’s next? Our next steps are to set-up the production site, finalize the product development and achieve the next milestones on our regulatory pathway.