Headstart winner MedKitDoc receives 1,7 Million Investment

Telemedicine start-up and winner of the EIT Health Headstart Award 2020, receives high sum from prominent investors.


To put the quality of care above the geographical proximity of a provider and to reduce inefficiencies and waiting times in health care — that is the goal of MedKitDoc. With its revolutionary approach to expanding remote medical consultation by connecting doctors, patients and medical devices, the start-up convinced our jury at the Frontiers Health Conference in November 2020 and secured a place on the podium of the Headstart Awards 2020. The pan-European programme provided support and funding of up to 50,000 euros to achieve market-readiness more quickly. In this short interview, MedKitDoc founder Dorian Koch told us what the award meant for the further development of the company.


In a very successful Buiness Angel financing round, the telemedicine start-up has now received € 1.7 million. Investors include FlixBus founder Jochen Engert and Daniel Krauss, Hanno Heintzenberg from McMakler. Picus Capital is already an existing investor and also contributed to the current round.

We are pleased to have such experienced and capable investors on board – this motivates us to revolutionize the telemedicine market and bring the doctor-patient relationship into the digital age“, Dorian Koch, CEO and founder of MedKitDoc, told Spotfolio.

MedKitDoc developed a platform that redesigned digital consultation sessions in a revolutionary way. With the help of the financing, the introduction of the offer to general practitioners, care facilities and pharmacies, which are the focus of the developers, is now to be promoted. In addition, the statutory health insurances are to be involved in the implementation of the tele offer. The MedKitDoc founders and investors see great future opportunities for the approach, as it ensures the availability of medical care, for example in rural areas, for people with little mobility or when traveling. And also in the current Covid pandemic, the need to enable contactless consultation hours has become apparent.


This is how MedKitDoc works:

Patients can order their MedKit from the provider, which consists of the following certified medical devices:

  • Digital stethoscope
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Digital blood pressure monitor
  • Integrated pulse oximeter
  • Infrared thermometer

Patients then register their MedKit in the MedKitDoc app, which they can also use to make appointments. The “digital home visit” takes place through end-to-end encrypted video telephony, in which a doctor guides the patient in recording their vital functions and advises them to the same extent as would be the case in the doctor’s office. This should enable the doctor to examine almost all of the 50 most common acute causes of advice digitally via video telephone. The patients then receive their doctor’s letters for billing with the cash register directly via the app.