Limula raises €4.7M funding

EIT Health Catapult finalist Limula has been awarded a €4.7M pathfinder grant by the European Innovation Council (EIC) for the development of a modular cell and gene therapy manufacturing platform. 

Limula (Switzerland) saves lives by enabling widespread access to the latest generation of personalized cancer treatments. Their platform technology supports the scale-out of production, bringing automated manufacturing of cell therapies directly to patients at the point of care. Their USP lies in the unique design of their bench-top device and associated single-use consumables. By automating all steps of cell therapy production in a single device, the technology removes the need for large facilities and manual interventions. By bringing manufacturing closer to the patient, Limula´s solution saves time, cuts costs, simplifies logistics and ultimately increases accessibility to these revolutionary cancer treatments.

The concept behind Limula’s platform technology was born after the team identified a clear technology gap while talking to clinical researchers involved in the development of revolutionary cell therapy products for the treatment of refractory cancers. They shared their frustration of having no reliable and scalable source of high-quality cell products, calling for automated and standardized manufacturing methods. Limula´s team invented, prototyped and further patented a device with the complex process of cell therapy manufacturing in mind, leading to a highly customizable solution that has the potential to unlock the full potential of personalized cancer treatments.

The team recently announced that they received a highly competitive EIC Pathfinder grant following a positive evaluation of their project proposal. The proposal was entitled ‘Closed and automated online monitoring towards process control and improved decision making in cell and gene therapy manufacturing’.


The project was recognised for its disruptive potential and ranked amongst the eight projects selected out of the 132 submissions to the 2021 EIC Pathfinder Challenge call for ‘Emerging Technologies for Cell and Gene Therapies’. Together, the partners that make up the consortium behind the project, PAT4CGT, will receive €3.6M from the European Commission, with an additional €1.1M from the Swiss federal government’s agency for education, research, and innovation (SERI). 

There is a clear need in the CGT industry for process analysis technologies tailored for the one patient-one batch character of highly personalised cell therapies. We wanted to identify the best possible partners to complement our bioreactor technology and deliver the best possible solution to our customers. With PAT4CGT, we believe we bring together the right team”- said Luc Henry, the CEO and co-founder of Limula.